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Contextualizing Masahiro Tanaka’s Japanese Numbers

After a lengthy period of deliberation, the Rakuten Eagles officially posted Masahiro Tanaka on Christmas day. MLB teams have until Friday at 2PM PST to sign the Japanese starter. It is expected that the Dodgers will be among Tanaka’s top suitors, due to their large checkbook and Josh Beckett‘s questionable future. The Yankees, Diamondbacks, Mariners,…


2014 Dodgers Top 50 Prospects: Introduction

Ladies and gentlemen, the state of the Dodgers’ farm system is strong. *Waits For Applause To Stop* Well, maybe not throughout the organization, but at least it’s strong at the top. That’s been helped by the fact that since Guggenheim and folks have taken over, the Dodgers haven’t traded any really good prospects without getting…


Welcome To The Party

Frankly, I’m shocked. Since Chad and Dustin and Daniel and myself all announced on Friday that we’d be shutting down our respective sites in order to join forces in something of a Voltron of sites starting today, I thought for sure something huge would happen over the weekend while we were dark. Masahiro Tanaka would…