This is how most people react when they see M Olivo. (via) This is how most people react when they see M Olivo. (via)

Dodgers Bring Miguel Olivo To Camp, Invite Actual Prospects

This is how most people react when they see Miguel Olivo. (via)

This is how most people react when they see Miguel Olivo. (via)

In the great tradition of Ramon Castro and Jesus Flores and other vaguely memorable backup catchers long past their prime, the Dodgers announced via press release that they’ve signed 35-year-old Miguel Olivo to a minor-league contract and invited him to camp.

In 12 years in the big leagues, Olivo has a .241/.275/.417 line, which is, ah, bad. That said, he does have eight different years with double-digit homers, including a high of 23 in 2009, and a strong throwing arm, so there’s that. But there’s also this: he didn’t play after June 12 last year because of some, well, awkwardness:

The Marlins placed Miguel Olivo on the restricted list after the team refused his request to be released and he walked out on the club at the start of Friday’s game.

“I told them I wanted to be released and they wouldn’t give it to me,” Olivo, upset with his lack of playing time, said in a phone interview with the Miami Herald. “I don’t understand why they don’t release me. I told them I wanted to be released because I have 30 days of not playing. I need to play.”

Ah, the Marlins. What can’t you do wrong? Assuming Drew Butera makes it through waivers — he’s out of options — Olivo will fight with J.C. Boscan for a job in Albuquerque.

The Dodgers also brought back catcher Griff Erickson, who had been a minor league free agent after seven years — only two good — in the organization.

From the release, the full list of camp invites to date:

1.       J.C. Boscan, C
2.       Sam Demel, RHP
3.       Griff Erickson, C
4.       Carlos Frias, RHP
5.       Brendan Harris, INF
6.       Zach Lee, RHP
7.       Daniel Moskos, LHP
8.       Chris O’Brien, C
9.       Miguel Olivo, C
10.   Red Patterson, RHP
11.   Joc Pederson, OF
12.   Chris Reed, LHP
13.   Clint Robinson, INF
14.   Miguel Rojas, INF
15.   Ross Stripling, RHP

Hey, look! Actual interesting prospects in camp!



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Wow that contract is a bit excessive isn't it? I hope Selig is happy with his ARod witch hunt.

Dustin Nosler
Dustin Nosler moderator

I knew what he meant, it was a terrible way to word that information.


I somehow managed to run through 45% battery in 30 minutes by asking Siri to open every program I had and now my phone works again. Yay.

Omer (beercoozie)
Omer (beercoozie)

I had to reset my phone to factory settings yesterday so I could get a back up to work. I regret that decision.

Tony Stark is my Co-Pilot
Tony Stark is my Co-Pilot

There's a couple ways to read this.

First, there is a limit. The Dodgers can be outbid.

Second, the Dodgers did not need Tanaka. He was a luxury, especially once Kershaw signed. So, the Dodgers were probably not going to the mat to get Tanaka. I'm willing to best that if the Dodgers hadn't signed Kershaw, Tanaka would have been a Dodger.

Third, the Dodgers will never see Tanaka except in a possible World Series. One thing I think was important for the Dodgers was to keep Tanaka out of the NL West. 


@Iron Brian Stan has said that he wants to start giving opportunities to homegrown youngins. If you sign Tanaka you pretty much let Magill, Lee, etc. rot in ABQ for years.