Dodgers’ preseason All-Prospect ‘Name’ team

Pratt Maynard, 80 name. (By: Dustin Nosler)

Baseball seems to have some of the best names around. Everywhere you look, there’s an “80” name. Every single team has these guys. The Dodgers have some of the best.

For this, I’ll grade the names of Dodger prospects at every position (with honorable mentions) and form a team of guys with some of the best baseball names you’ll see. Jared Massey did a similar list over at Dodgers Nation.

Of course, each of these prospects should thank their parents for this great honor I’m about to bestow upon them.


Pratt Maynard
If I have a son one day, I’m going to name him “Pratt Maynard Nosler.” I mean, does it get any better than that? The first- and last name are strong — together, it’s a clear 80 for me.
Grade: 80/80 (present/future)
Honorable mention: Gersel Pitre

First base

O’Koyea Dickson
When you’re named after one of the best running backs in Tecmo Super Bowl (Christian Okoye), your spot on this team is secured. While it isn’t spelled the same, it has the same impact. If you didn’t think of Christian Okoye when you first heard O’Koyea Dickson‘s name, I don’t know what to tell ya.
Grade: 75/75 (present/future)
Honorable mention: Angelo Songco

Second base

Tyger Pederson
The last Dodger draftee to sign from the 2013 class, Pederson secures his spot on this squad with a unique spelling of his first name. The fact his brother, who may appear on this list later, has an awesome name himself doesn’t hurt.
Grade: 70/75 (present/future)
Honorable mention: Elevys Gonzalez

Third base

Michael Ahmed
Brother of Nick Ahmed, Michael was the Dodgers’ 20th-round pick in the 2013 draft. While Michael doesn’t stand out, Ahmed is a pretty awesome last name. But much like the Dodgers’ farm system — talent-wise — the options at third base were lacking.
Grade: 50/55 (present/future)
Honorable mention: Jimy Perez (because of the one “m.”)


(Barbaro) Erisbel Arruebarrena
This might be the deepest name position in the system, thanks to recent international signings. But no one in the system tops Arruebarrena’s name, even after dropping the second “u” from his last name.
Grade: 90/90 (present/future) — 90 because of “Barbaro.”
Honorable Mention: Faustino Oguisten

Left field

Ibandel Isabel
One of the Dodgers’ international signings in April, Isabel has the unique “Double-I” initials. That’s rare in life, let alone baseball.
Grade: 70/70 (present/future)
Honorable Mention: Jacob Scavuzzo

Center field

Casio Grider
It just flows, doesn’t it? “Casio Grider.” When I first heard his name, I immediately thought of a watch. The fact he has two elite names puts him in contention for best name in the system.
Grade: 80/80 (present/future)
Honorable Mention: Joc Pederson

Right field

Devin Shines
It’s an optimistic name, wouldn’t you say? Shines is my right fielder, but he isn’t even the best “Shines” in the system. That honor goes to his father, Razor Shines. That’s an 80-grade name. If Devin wants to go with “Razor” in the future, that’ll bump his grade. He also gets bonus points for being a rare “Bats: Right; Throws: Left” guy.
Grade: 65/70 (present/future)
Honorable Mention: Brian Cavazos-Galvez

Starting pitchers

Osiris Ramirez
When you’re named after the Egyptian God of Afterlife, you are a name ace on this team. Really hope he makes the majors one day.
Grade: 80/80 (present/future)
Honorable Mention: Abdiel Velasquez

Welington Serrano
If not for Osiris, this would have been the name ace of my team. Not only is he named after a classic British beef dish (kinda), he also has the same last name (kinda) as one of the all-time best baseball movie characters: Pedro Cerrano.
Grade: 75/80 (present/future)
Honorable Mention: Wascar Teodo

Jairo Pacheco
Not only is he a sleeper prospect in the system, he also has a couple of strong names. The only Jairo I remember is Jairo Garcia, who is now Santiago Casilla.
Grade: 70/75 (present/future)
Honorable Mention: Victor Araujo

Relief pitcher

Misja Harcksen
Harcksen was signed in January out of the Netherlands, and he’s the only European to appear on this team (not the HM team). I graded his name after he (and four others) signed last month. Admittedly, my grade was a bit low. I’m bumping it up.
Grade: 70/75 (present/future)
Honorable Mention: Sven Schuller

Player Position
Pratt Maynard C
O’Koyea Dickson 1B
Tyger Pederson 2B
Michael Ahmed 3B
Erisbel Arruebarrena SS
Ibandel Isabel LF
Casio Grider CF
Devin Shines RF
Osiris Ramirez SP 1
Welington Serrano SP 2
Jairo Pacheco SP 3
Misja Harcksen RP

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