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Giants 2, Dodgers 1: Life Is Pain

I’m sorry Chad made these GIFs. I’m even sorrier I have to show them to you. But you know that I do, right? This is what happened to Hanley Ramirez leading off against Ryan Vogelsong in the 7th inning: Looks fun, right? Except, oh: You know how we’re always complaining that Coors Field swallows up…


Giants 3, Dodgers 2: Baseball Is Dumb

Baseball is a dumb, dumb sport. Kenley Jansen blew a save on two hits that went 10 feet in the air and now his BABIP is .556. He is the worst and grab the pitchforks or something. Whatever, no energy to deal with dumbasses. The Dodgers kept Brandon League over Paco Rodriguez because … who…