Down On The Farm Update: Games Of 5/12 – 5/18

Corey  Seager 5.4.14

Corey Seager is heating up, Joc Pederson remains hot, and Alex Guerrero is destroying the ball … or at least he was before he lost his ear.

May 12

Hitter Of The Day: Jesmuel Valentin (A) went 3-for-5 with a walk and cracked two doubles. His OPS is .770 and his K rate is 14% with a walk rate of 11%. I still think he could handle short, but he’s playing second now and projects very well there defensively. The offense was supposed to be an issue, but it’s coming along faster than most thought so far.

Pitcher Of The Day: Matt Magill (AAA) went five innings and allowed four runs but only surrendered three hits. So of course the reason he gave up the runs was because he walked five and gave up two homers. Magill struck out 10, so the stuff is still there, but the mechanical fixes they were trying to implement with him clearly haven’t taken all that well. Magill’s fine command was never the best, but his control was generally acceptable. No idea if he can get it back at this point.


A.J. Ellis (AAA) went 1-for-3 with a homer, but you already know he’s back.

Paco Rodriguez (AAA) gave up two hits and a walk, allowing a run without recording an out. But that was nothing compared to Jose Dominguez (AAA), who did record two outs, but gave up four hits, two walks, and five runs.

Chris Reed (AA) teases you with reasons to believe he can start, and then he walks five in 5.1 innings and gives up four runs. I do realize that he has the raw potential to be a #4 or something in the majors, but I saw way too much of this last year to believe he won’t end up in the pen like Chris Withrow.

May 13

Hitter Of The Day: Scott Schebler (AA) went 2-for-3 with home runs seven and eight on the year. The power is there and his .816 OPS is fine, but I just don’t see him having the contact skills or approach to profile as a regular. Maybe a platoon guy like Scott Van Slyke (well, less than that now) if he really steps it up with the bat, but not much more.

Pitcher Of The Day: Zach Lee (AAA) went four innings, gave up eight hits, two walks, and five runs. He’s been a bit unlucky, but he’s become a lot more hittable partly because his strikeout rate has dropped into the 6-7 K/9 range, and thus his SIERA is 4.11. No reason to sour on him or anything, but this does validate a concern about his swing-and-miss stuff against MLB bats.


Tim Federowicz (AAA) collected three hits in four trips. FedEx has a .381/.435/.524/.959 line in AAA, so we know he can still hit in Albuquerque at least.

May 14

Hitter Of The Day: Erisbel Arrubarrena (AA) went 2-for-5 with a double. It’s news because he had been terrible and was riding a hot streak this week. The problem? That hot streak consistent mainly of singles and now his BABIP is up to .302 … and his OPS is still .572.

Pitcher Of The Day: Fabio Martinez (A+) pitched six innings of one-hit, scoreless ball. He walked four but struck out nine. Not sure how many remember, but I had actually written him up before, describing him as an attempt to fix a broken toy.

Can Fabio be fixed? Sure, I think anybody can be ‘fixed’, but it’s not so much about being able to change the way he throws as it is just getting him to repeat a motion that can work. Mainly I would think they could focus on getting him to drive towards the plate more with his mechanics, and hopefully he can repeat that enough to where he can get a feel for his release point. Not impossible, but extremely difficult at this stage in development.

So given all that, why care?

While his mechanics are an absolute mess, the stuff is still there, and the Dodgers seem to be keen on attempting to fix these types of pitchers recently (Carlos Marmol/Edinson Volquez). When he’s right, Fabio sits 93-95 and touches 97, throws a hard slider that flashes plus in the 87-89 range, and has generally scrapped his ineffective changeup while in relief.

The stuff is still there, but he has 43 walks in 45 innings … and that’s a massive improvement over his 2012 and 2013. He’s a starter for now, but maybe he can find better command in short spurts as a reliever in the long-run.



May 15

Hitters Of The Day: Joc Pederson (AAA) went 2-for-5 with home runs 12 and 13, while Alex Guerrero (AAA) went 3-for-5 with home runs five and six. They really have nothing left to prove at AAA with the bat.

Pitcher Of The Day: Scott Barlow (A) continued his comeback from Tommy John by going five innings and surrendering just two unearned runs while striking out six to lower his ERA to 2.95.


Joey Curletta (A) went 3-for-3 with a double and a triple. Curletta’s lack of over the fence power is sort of confusing, but he has a .841 OPS in a tough league for hitters. He has the pop in him, so maybe it’ll come later, as he does have 13 doubles already.

May 16

Hitter Of The Day: Corey Seager (A+) went 2-for-4 with two doubles and a walk. He got red hot later in the week, as you’ll see soon.

Pitcher Of The Day: Julio Urias (A+) struck out five in four innings of work, allowing a run and two walks. Urias has been much better since settling into starting games only, despite consistently being removed due to his innings limit. The limit makes his numbers appear a bit harsh, but all signs are there that he’s as good as we thought.


Alex Guerrero (AAA) went 1-for-4 with his seventh homer. I wish his ear had not been bitten off.

Red Patterson (AAA) struck out nine in six innings of one-run ball. He walked one, which is why he’s the seventh starter option over Magill and Stephen Fife. And I don’t think many would argue that any of them would struggle to be worse than Paul Maholm anyway.

May 17

Hitter Of The Day: Corey Seager (A) went 1-for-4 … with his third homer. The power is coming along now, which is reason to get excited.

Pitcher Of The Day: Chris Reed (AA) went five innings and struck out six while allowing four unearned runs. So Reed’s ERA will be fine, but again, he walked four batters, which highlights the issues some (like me) have with his potential in the rotation.


Tim Federowicz (AAA) went 3-for-4 again and he won’t have to worry for much longer about Miguel Olivo as competition.

May 18

Hitters Of The Day: Alex Guerrero (AAA) went 4-for-5 with a double and homers eight and nine. He has a 1.152 OPS, but you already knew he could hit anyway. Corey Seager (A+) went 4-for-5 with two doubles and his fourth homer. Suddenly, his line is up to .344/.396/.571/.968 and the power is coming on strong. Also, I’m praying for his defense at short, but I’m not so optimistic now.

Pitcher Of The Day: Yimi Garcia (AAA) struck out three in two innings of no-run, one-hit ball. His ERA is now 1.74 and I’d like to see him against MLB players.


Zach Lee (AAA) went six innings and gave up two runs, but most importantly he struck out eight.

Erisbel Arruebarrena (AA) went 2-for-4 and cracked his first homer. It’s noteworthy because I don’t think I’ll be writing that sentence much.

Tom Windle (A+) went six innings and gave up five runs (three earned) on six hits while striking out five. Windle didn’t walk anybody, which is more along the lines of the command I expected after he walked five in his last start.

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