Clayton Kershaw threw a perfe … err … no-hitter, and you want GIFS


Clayton Kershaw threw a no-hitter yesterday, and it was probably the most dominating pitching performance I’ll ever see (I only vaguely remember Kerry Wood‘s 20-strikeout game), as Mike pointed out to everybody at the time.

I counted one line drive and one ball hit hard all game. Silly. Just silly.

But enough of those number thingys and thinking and all that crap, right?

GIF time!


Logging into and the answer is…


Miguel Rojas made a great play on a grounder down the line in the seventh, but also hit Kershaw with the ball in the last frame.

How important was the moment? Yasiel Puig caught a ball with two hands.

The finale.

Ellen Kershaw doesn’t want anything to do with this usher bothering and touching her.

That was weird.

Kershaw needed a shower.

#DanceParty? Dance party.



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They wont really trade the second best bat in the lineup, would they? They can't trade Matt Kemp


what happened? 


alright I am about to drive home in this monsoon, half asleep. 

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i could google this but i like asking youse soccer people. what's the 3pm AHT match today? 


@DodgerBytes @steelmohawk @BlueMarvin  Thanks for the link.  The Stark column appears to be the source of the MLBTR entry:

"Several teams report the Dodgers are telling them they'll listen right now on every one of their outfielders except Yasiel Puig. And that's a potential storyline to watch, in a market incredibly thin on bats. But those clubs believe the Dodgers are really just trying to lay the groundwork to deal Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier over the winter, when they'll be marketed as excellent alternatives to one of the weakest free-agent outfield groups in years."


This second half is going to be out of control.