Gorgeous even at night. (via this guy) Gorgeous even at night. (via this guy)

Now This Is Happening

I should note, first, that I loved the old MSTI design. Loved it. Nearly three years ago, I decided it was time to get off of a free WordPress template and get into something a little more professional-looking. So I did. My pal Stephen — who I met through writing about Dodger baseball, one of the many great things about these sites — designed me something great, with a few unique features that no other blog had. I was able to get it up in time for the 2012 season, and it was wonderful.

Of course, this isn’t MSTI. It’s Dodgers Digest, which is new and different and great because of Chad and Daniel and Dustin. Because of various other projects, when we fired up DD before the season, I didn’t have the time or the interest in changing the layout, because I still liked it so much. But, as time as gone on, it’s become clear that wasn’t working. The site still looked too much like MSTI. Too many people still thought that every post was being written by me, and that wasn’t fair to the other guys. (It’s become a running joke now, in the comments, to say “good post {name of anyone other than who wrote it},” so I’m really looking forward to “nice work, Dustin,” after this.)

Anyway, the old design served us well, and lives on in the font of the logo (which retains Eephus’ excellent DD) and the payroll and depth chart pages. But change is good, and the world we live in and Dodger team we follow are very, very different than they were in early 2012. So we’re going to give this a try, making it easier to get to content, making it clearer who wrote the posts, and so on.

See something wrong? You most certainly will. Let us know in the comments. Otherwise, it’s the same site you’ve always liked, just with a fresh coat of paint. Enjoy.


Mike wrote daily for over six long years (2007-13) about the Dodgers at Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness, which was named 2011′s “Best Sports Blog” by LA Weekly. He can currently be found writing multiple times per week at FanGraphs and ESPN, has been a producer and editor for Sports on Earth, and built The Hardball Times. He lives in New York City and will probably be asleep or on vacation when awesome things happen.