A.J. Vanegas A.J. Vanegas

Dodgers sign 2014 draft picks Vanegas, Uter, Jones + $200,900 over slot

The Dodgers have now signed 31 out of 40 picks from the 2014 MLB Draft after agreeing to terms with 11th rounder A.J. Vanegas for $100,000, 12th rounder Kameron Uter for $200,000, and 25th rounder Matt Jones.

Hunter Redman, the team’s eighth-rounder, signed for $124,500 under slot, thus freeing up money for the team to go over slot on a few later draft picks. Vanegas signed for the maximum allowed without counting against the bonus pool for rounds 11-40, but the team went $100,000 over on Uter. That decision means the Dodgers are now $200,900 total over the cap at $5,148,600. Assuming they wish to stay out of losing a draft pick in 2015, the Dodgers have $46,484 left to spend against the bonus pool.

Only nine picks remain unsigned, and one of those has declared his intentions to forgo professional ball for now. So that leaves eight players to potentially reach agreements with before the July 18 deadline, and I’m not sure many (if any) more sign.


Dodgers 2014 MLB Draft Picks

Dodgers select RHP Grant Holmes at No. 22 in the 2014 MLB Draft
Dodgers select OF Alex Verdugo in the 2nd round of the 2014 MLB Draft
Dodgers take John Richy, Jeff Brigham, Jared Walker in rounds 3-5 of 2014 MLB Draft
Dodgers take Stewart, Oaks, Redman, Campbell, Hering in rounds 6-10 of 2014 MLB Draft
Dodgers picks Vanegas, Freeman, Allen highlight rounds 11-25 of the 2014 MLB Draft
Dodgers picks Sylvester, Bain, Moore highlight rounds 26-40 of the 2014 MLB Draft

Dodgers sign 10 picks from 2014 draft, including Verdugo, Richy, Walker, De Jong, Kowalczyk
Dodgers sign 2014 draft picks Jeff Brigham (4th) & Trevor Oaks (7th)
Dodgers sign 10 more 2014 draft picks, including Taylor, Freeman, Wolfe, Vela, Allen
Dodgers sign 2014 first-round pick Grant Holmes
Dodgers sign 2014 draft picks Redman, Bereszniewicz, Whiting, Baranik


Draft Bonus Pool Reminder

All money paid to picks in the first 10 rounds count toward the bonus pool of $4,947,700. Players selected from rounds 11-40 can be paid up to $100,000 without affecting the bonus pool, but whatever amount given over $100,000 counts against the bonus pool.

So what’s the penalty for going over?

Up to 4.999 percent over ($5,195,084) the team pays a 75 percent tax on the amount over. Up to 9.999 percent over ($5,442,469) the team pays the 75 percent tax on the amount over and loses next year’s first-round pick. Up to 14.999 percent over ($5,689,854) the team pays a 100 percent tax on the amount over and loses next year’s first-round and second-round picks. From 15 percent ($5,689,855) and up the team pays the 100 percent tax on the amount over and loses the first-round pick for the next two years.

So basically the Dodgers can use up to $5,195,084 on this year’s bonus pool draft picks without losing anything significant aside from money.


1Grant Holmes$1,980,500$2,500,000+$519,500
2Alex Verdugo$914,600$914,600$0
3John Richy$534,400$534,400$0
4Jeff Brigham$396,300$396,300$0
5Jared Walker$296,700$296,700$0
6Brock Stewart$222,200$190,000-$30,200
7Trevor Oaks$166,600$161,600-$5,000
8Hunter Redman$154,500$30,000-$124,500
9Matt Campbell$144,300$20,000-$124,300
10Colin Hering$137,600$5,000-$132,600
Total2014 Draft$4,947,700$5,048,600+$100,900


11A.J. Vanegas$100,000 Limit$100,000$0
12Kameron Uter$100,000 Limit$200,000+$100,000
13Ryan Taylor$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
14Kelvin Ramos$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
15Joe Broussard$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
16Devan Ahart$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
17Tyler Wampler$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
18Clint Freeman$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
19Gary Cornish$100,000 LimitWill Not SignNone
20Brian Wolfe$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
21Ivan Vela$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
22Bubby Rossman$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
23Andrew Godbold$100,000 LimitNot SignedN/A
24Jimmy Allen$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
25Matt Jones$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
26Deion Ulmer$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
27Harlan Richter$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
28Bill Bereszniewicz$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
29Christian Trent$100,000 LimitNot SignedN/A
30Brant Whiting$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
31Derrick Sylvester$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
32Scott De Jong$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
33Carson Baranik$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
34Hunter Bross$100,000 LimitNot SignedN/A
35Tanner Chauncey$100,000 LimitNot SignedN/A
36Kyle Kocher$100,000 LimitNot SignedN/A
37Karch Kowalczyk$100,000 LimitSignedUnknown
38Caleb Ferguson$100,000 LimitNot SignedN/A
39Jeff Bain$100,000 LimitNot SignedN/A
40Sam Moore$100,000 LimitNot SignedN/A
Total2014 Draft1 Over Limit$300,000+$100,000