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Indians 10, Dodgers 3: 4 In A Row, Not Even Once

Josh Beckett took the mound for the Dodgers today and started a rather predictable road back to down to ‘quality starter’ from ‘invincible demi-god’. Entering the game with a stellar 2.11 ERA, Beckett surrendered five runs on six hits and a walk in five innings of work, raising his ERA to 2.46 on the season….


Cleveland Sporting Team @ Dodgers July 1, 2014: No Hanleys Ever

Here’s a thing I am completely sick of typing: “Hanley Ramirez is not in the starting lineup tonight.” I’ve lost count of how many times he’s sat, and I honestly don’t care to look it up. Five? Ten? A million? Who knows? Ken Gurnick reports that Ramirez “did not participate in batting or infield practice…


The Dodger Offense and Revised Projections

Last week, I took a look at player projection systems, specifically focusing on the Dodger offense. The purpose of the post was to describe how recent research has shown that revised in-season projections were correct on average. The post went on to examine which Dodgers were over and under-performing their Rest of Season projections. There’s…