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Cleveland 5, Dodgers 4: How Frustrating

As far as “pitchers helping themselves” go, I’m not sure you’re going to do much better than Clayton Kershaw hitting a homer to break a 0-0 tie while pitching a shutout on Opening Day last year. (Well, recently, anyway. If we’re going back into history, Tony Cloninger driving in nine on two homers and a…


Cleveland Sporting Team @ Dodgers July 2, 2014: House Money Lineup

Well now, that’s certainly a lineup. Hanley Ramirez sits, because Hanley Ramirez in the starting lineup is no longer compatible with the reality we live in. Yasiel Puig sits, because Don Mattingly thinks he “looks tired,” which is probably not a euphemism for “is hitting .256 .323 .337 since he tweaked his hip in Colorado…

What If An Ump Taught Yasiel Puig How To Bat Flip?

What If An Ump Taught Yasiel Puig How To Bat Flip?

It’s hot where I am right now, really hot, so let me do something fun and silly and lightweight here. Who doesn’t love Yasiel Puig bat flips, right? Literally no one*.  Via Deadspin, it turns out that extends to MLB The Show, where if you “hold onto the ball on the mound and leave the game unpaused for…