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Dodgers 3, Rockies 2: Missed You, Juan Uribe

Zack Greinke: still the best. I say that even though he ran into some trouble in the eighth inning, allowing Justin Morneau to triple in the tying run, because Greinke came into Coors and was really better than any pitcher at this stupid park had any business being. Over the first seven innings, only two Rockies…

Photo: Daniel Brim

Dodgers @ Rockies July 3, 2014: Here Come The Lefties

This afternoon, the Dodgers are starting a four game series against the Rockies in Coors field. Given what usually happens to Dodgers there, that’s pretty terrifying. There’s also a hidden part of the series that might be cause for some mild concern. The following starters are lined up to pitch against the Dodgers: Franklin Morales, TBD, Jorge…


Hanley Ramirez Is Back, For Some Reason

Daniel will have a proper game thread coming up, but it’s probably important to note that Hanley Ramirez is in tonight’s starting lineup, hitting third and playing short. A quick recap of the last week and a half or so, in case you’ve forgotten: 6/22 @ SD — starts at SS 6/23 @ KC —…


So It’s Ben Zobrist You Want

On Sunday, we talked about how badly the Dodgers need some help with left-side infield depth, thanks to disabling injuries to Justin Turner & Chone Figgins to go along with a season full of Hanley Ramirez health concerns and the age and injury history of Juan Uribe. Miguel Rojas is a glove-only type, Carlos Triunfel may…