Hanley Ramirez Is Back, For Some Reason

Daniel will have a proper game thread coming up, but it’s probably important to note that Hanley Ramirez is in tonight’s starting lineup, hitting third and playing short.

A quick recap of the last week and a half or so, in case you’ve forgotten:

  • 6/22 @ SD — starts at SS
  • 6/23 @ KC — starts at DH
  • 6/24 @ KC — sits, shoulder
  • 6/25 @ KC — sits, shoulder
  • 6/26 vs STL — sits, shoulder
  • 6/27 vs STL — sits, shoulder
  • 6/28 vs STL — starts at SS, leaves in third inning with calf injury
  • 6/29 vs STL — sits, calf
  • 6/30 vs CLE — sits, calf (pinch-hits)
  • 7/1 vs CLE — sits, calf (pinch-hits)
  • 7/2 vs CLE — sits, calf (pinch-hits)

That’s a span of 11 games in which he’s played 11 total innings at shortstop, since he was pulled an inning early on the 23rd. And now, even though he hardly looked healthy yesterday, he’s not only back, but he’s playing in the Dodgers’ traditional house of horrors in Colorado. (I don’t believe in curses… usually. I do believe that Coors Field is awful.) Think about how close he could be to coming back off the DL, presumably healthier, had he merely been forced to step aside a week ago or more.

In a not completely unrelated move, the Dodgers sent down Carlos Triunfel — who looked awful in every way yesterday — to recall Erisbel Arruebarrena, who is much more of a true shortstop. I suppose that they want more depth (Miguel Rojas is nursing a split fingernail on his throwing hand) is just another sign that they don’t trust that Ramirez can really get through a full game. And why should they? Constantly injured player returns in time to play in place that always injures Dodger players. I almost wish I wasn’t around to watch the game tonight. I’m terrified about what might happen.



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very smart towel
very smart towel

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Slærp Mon Troont

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The Dodgers know that healthy players get hurt in Coors Field.  But what happens when you start an injured player in Coors Field?  He gets healthy!  Hanley is going to be magically cured by the Coors Field jinx.


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The answer is no. 


@Mike Petriello i try to do this everyday, it makes me a relatively happy person