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Fausto Carmona was such a cooler name ((via)

Dodgers Acquire Roberto Hernandez, Because Desperation

Today, the Dodgers acquired right-handed pitcher Roberto Hernandez from the Phillies because, I don’t know, reasons, I guess. (This is not the Dodger reliever of that name who I think I once drunkenly accused of lighting puppies on fire during an extra-inning live blog back in 2007; this is the artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona.)…


The War on the Bubble Machine

Early yesterday morning, Ryan Walton of Valley Bay News tweeted out that the bubble machine the Dodgers use to celebrate homers (well, everything) had been shutdown by the MLB. Word on the street is that the Dodgers bubble machine has been shut down by MLB. — Ryan Walton (@RyanWaltonVBN) August 6, 2014 Sure enough, it…