Articles by Chad Moriyama


Padres 6, Dodgers 3: Dan Depression

Dan Haren continued his slow and painful demise back to replacement level against one of the worst offensive units in the history of forever, giving up four runs on six hits (one homer) and two walks. Haren’s ERA now stands at 4.23, which is remarkably close to his 4.43 FIP, and his WAR has crept…


Indians 10, Dodgers 3: 4 In A Row, Not Even Once

Josh Beckett took the mound for the Dodgers today and started a rather predictable road back to down to ‘quality starter’ from ‘invincible demi-god’. Entering the game with a stellar 2.11 ERA, Beckett surrendered five runs on six hits and a walk in five innings of work, raising his ERA to 2.46 on the season….


What we learned about the Dodgers from the Astros leak

So for those of you who managed to miss the news, the Astros had a massive security breach, and their internal notes from their proprietary “Ground Control” database were leaked onto the Internet. This, of course, doesn’t have much to do with the Dodgers, but they were mentioned a couple times in off-season discussions about…