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Daniel Brim grew up in the Los Angeles area and remains a Dodger fan despite currently residing in Salem, MA. As an engineer, he’s fascinated by the math and science behind the game of baseball, which probably explains a lot. He started “Blog To The Score” in late 2013 to dig deeper into the numbers behind the Dodgers. In its brief lifespan, it gained attention from local and national media. You can find him spending too much time in the comments section or on Twitter.


Starting Pitcher Trade Targets, by Projections

The Dodgers need another starting pitcher. I know that, you know that, and Andrew Friedman (probably) knows that. Some of the big names (Hamels, Cueto) are obvious, but it might be interesting to look a bit deeper than that. One way to find potential under-the-radar trade targets is by projection systems. One way projection systems…


Dodgers @ Cubs June 24, 2015: Empty Threat

This is what happens when everybody has busy jobs. At least the comments got a pun out of it. Dodgers: Hernandez 2B Pederson CF Turner 3B Gonzalez 1B Puig RF Ethier LF Grandal C Rollins SS Bolsinger P Cubs: Denorfia RF Rizzo 1B Bryant 3B Montero C Castro SS Coghlan LF Szczur CF Hendricks P…


Dodgers 10, Giants 2: Finally, An Easy One

Well, that game felt pretty good. After two games of continued struggles against the Giants, the Dodgers reversed their fortunes against their rivals in a big way on national television, winning 10-2. The Dodgers got to Tim Lincecum early and often tonight. Lincecum has been beating his peripherals all year and it finally caught up to…


Padres 2, Dodgers 1: Zack Greinke Out-pitched by Ian Kennedy

After last night’s roller coaster affair, tonight’s game seemed down-right docile at times. The Dodgers fell in a surprisingly excellent pitcher’s duel by a score of 2-1. Tonight’s starting pitchers, Zack Greinke and Ian Kennedy can probably be considered rivals because of their history, and they pitched like it tonight. The Dodgers put a lot of balls…

(via Phil Konstantin)

Dodgers @ Padres June 13, 2015: Hit it to Third Base

Tonight’s pitching matchup, Zack Greinke vs Ian Kennedy, will obviously bring back memories. However, 2013 was a long time ago. Ian Kennedy has had an … interesting 2015 season so far. He’s actually close to or better than his career normal statistics in a few areas: K%, BB%, K%-BB%, GB%, xFIP- are all pretty good….


Dodgers 4, Padres 3: Strange Baseball

Baseball is strange. This 4-3 Dodger victory wasted no time in being unusual. In the bottom of the first inning, Justin Upton hit a line drive off of Clayton Kershaw‘s hip. According to StatCast, the ball was hit at 107mph. At least this one didn’t get any teeth, but it was enough to make everybody…