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Daniel Brim grew up in the Los Angeles area and remains a Dodger fan despite currently residing in Salem, MA. As an engineer, he’s fascinated by the math and science behind the game of baseball, which probably explains a lot. He started “Blog To The Score” in late 2013 to dig deeper into the numbers behind the Dodgers. In its brief lifespan, it gained attention from local and national media. You can find him spending too much time in the comments section or on Twitter.

Photo: Stacie Wheeler

Phillies @ Dodgers August 8, 2016: The return (?) of Zach Eflin

Phillies Dodgers 7:10 p.m. PT Los Angeles 2B  Hernandez  2B  Utley  RF  Altherr  SS  Seager 3B  Franco  3B  Turner 1B  Joseph  RF  Reddick C  Rupp  1B  Gonzalez CF  Herrera  C  Grandal LF  Goeddel  CF  Pederson SS  Galvis  LF  Segedin P Eflin (R) P Urias (L) Today’s series-opener against the Phillies contains some intrigue for the Dodgers. They…


The Grant Dayton Show

Grant Dayton came out of nowhere, almost. Last summer, the Dodgers received him from the Marlins in exchange for first round draft pick/bust/Dustin’s favorite pitcher Chris Reed. Dayton’s minor league numbers showed promise, but only stuck out so much in an era with a sea of dominant relief aces. Guys who can strike out ten batters…


The Upside of Rich Hill

Yesterday the Dodgers gave up some real talent for Josh Reddick and Rich Hill, two rental players. This post is going to focus on the Rich Hill part of that deal. The Dodgers needed rotation help, and Hill obviously carries tremendous risk. He’s been battling a blister for almost a month. Before that, he had a…


D-Backs @ Dodgers July 30, 2016: No Trades Yet

D-backs Dodgers 6:10 p.m. PT Los Angeles SS  Segura 2B  Utley 2B  Drury  SS  Seager 1B  Goldschmidt 3B  Turner LF  Weeks  1B  Gonzalez C  Castillo  LF  Kendrick RF  Tomas  C  Grandal 3B  Lamb  RF  Toles CF  Owings  CF  Pederson P Shipley (R) P Kazmir (L) Last night’s game will be a hard act to top. The Dodgers…

Photo: Stacie Wheeler

Rockies @ Dodgers July 3, 2016: Welcome Back, Brandon McCarthy

Rockies Dodgers 1:10 p.m. PT Los Angeles CF  Blackmon  2B  Utley 2B LeMahieu  SS  Seager RF Gonzalez  3B  Turner 3B Arenado  1B  Gonzalez 1B Descalso  CF  Thompson C Hundley  LF  Kendrick SS Adames  RF Puig LF Barnes  C  Grandal P Gray (R) P McCarthy (R) Brandon McCarthy‘s last major league game was on April 25th, 2015. He…