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Daniel Brim grew up in the Los Angeles area and remains a Dodger fan despite currently residing in Salem, MA. As an engineer, he’s fascinated by the math and science behind the game of baseball, which probably explains a lot. He started “Blog To The Score” in late 2013 to dig deeper into the numbers behind the Dodgers. In its brief lifespan, it gained attention from local and national media. You can find him spending too much time in the comments section or on Twitter.


Rockies @ Dodgers April 18, 2015: Puig is Back

All the other news can wait: Yasiel Puig is back! Puig hasn’t played since Monday, resting due to a tight hamstring. After so much confusion in the media reports regarding if he was closer to healthy or to the disabled list, it appears that it’s the former. Hopefully the Dodgers aren’t rushing him, though it’s…


The Almost-Amazing Dodger Pitching Staff

Just a quick weekend post. The Dodgers are currently 7-3, tied for the lead in the NL west. They’ve won five games in a row and have been hitting like expected. Still, the pitching staff, particularly the starters, have seemed uneven. Brandon McCarthy survived a four homer start, and Clayton Kershaw gave up two last…


Mariners @ Dodgers April 15, 2015: Civil Rights Game

After last night’s rotation detour, the Dodgers return to their regularly scheduled programming tonight. Brett Anderson will make his second healthy start in a row. It’s amazing/troubling to think that each Anderson start could realistically represent 10% of what the Dodgers can expect from him in a season. He looked okay last time out, though…


Dodgers 7, Diamondbacks 4: A Day for the Rookies

Mike titled today’s game thread “let’s give Joc Pederson a chance.” Today, we saw why. Coming into today’s game, Pederson was hitting just .176/.263/.294 in 2015. After today’s 7-4 victory, Pederson is hitting .286/.375/.571. In the third inning, Pederson laced a double down the first base line and scored on a Jimmy Rollins sacrifice fly. He…

Photo by: Dustin Nosler

What Can Statcast Teach Us About the Dodgers?

Sabermetrics, at their core, should always be changing. A few years ago we were using VORP, win shares, and the like. Most stats we used 10 years ago are gone or obsolete. A lot of the posts at Dodgers Digest will have obsolete statistical lingo down the road. We still have to use the best tools…