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Daniel Brim grew up in the Los Angeles area and remains a Dodger fan despite currently residing in Salem, MA. As an engineer, he’s fascinated by the math and science behind the game of baseball, which probably explains a lot. He started “Blog To The Score” in late 2013 to dig deeper into the numbers behind the Dodgers. In its brief lifespan, it gained attention from local and national media. You can find him spending too much time in the comments section or on Twitter.


Dodgers @ Pirates June 26, 2016: Birth of the Kuhl

Clayton Kershaw pitching in Pittsburgh always reminds me of this play: Your browser does not support iframes. Dodgers Pirates 5:05 p.m. PT Pittsburgh 2B  Utley SS  Mercer SS  Seager 1B  Freese 3B Turner CF  McCutchen LF Kendrick 3B  Kang CF  Pederson LF  Marte RF  Puig 2B  Harrison C Grandal C  Stewart 1B Van Slyke RF…


It’s Saturday, Here Are Clayton Kershaw Fun Facts

Today is the second anniversary of Clayton Kershaw‘s no-hitter against the Rockies. That’s not what this post is about, but it’s as good a time as any to reflect briefly upon how incredible Kershaw’s 2016 season has been. The facts within this post are inspired by this tweet: Kershaw’s K:BB rate is 19.0. K:BB rates after…

Julio Urias screencap 6.2.16

Julio Urías Has A Weird Curveball

This is Julio Urías‘ curveball: You may not be able to tell from watching it, but it’s really weird. The curve sweeps across the zone and does not drop much. It turns out that this kind of action on a curveball is extremely rare for a left-handed starting pitcher. Urías has thrown 41 curves in…

Photo: Stacie Wheeler

Rockies @ Dodgers June 6, 2016: Tyler Chatwood Is Weird

Rockies Dodgers 7:10 p.m. PT Los Angeles  CF Blackmon  3B Turner  2B LeMahieu  SS Seager 3B Arenado  CF Thompson RF Gonzalez  1B Gonzalez SS Story  2B Kendrick LF Parra  LF Hernandez 1B Reynolds RF Van Slyke C Hundley C Ellis P Chatwood (R) P Bolsinger (R) Following a successful series against the Braves, the Dodgers welcome the…


The Dodgers Need To Make Their Own Bullpen Luck

Depending on which numbers you use, the Dodger bullpen has either been decent or terrible this year. Neither answer is necessarily wrong. By context-neutral stats, their numbers are quite good. The Dodger bullpen ERA- is 84, the tenth-best in the MLB and fourth in the National League. The bullpen has a FIP- of 88, tied for…


Braves @ Dodgers June 5, 2016: What Now?

Braves Dodgers 1:10 p.m. PT Los Angeles  CF Smith  2B Utley  SS D’Arnaud  SS Seager 1B Freeman  3B Thompson LF Francoeur  1B Gonzalez RF Markakis  3B Kendrick 3B Garcia  CF Pederson C Pierzynski C Grandal 2B Johnson LF Hernandez P Wisler (R) P Kazmir (L) Today’s Carl Crawford news was big, but there’s still a baseball game…