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Dustin Nosler began writing about the Dodgers in July 2009 at his blog, Feelin’ Kinda Blue. He co-hosts a weekly podcast with Jared Massey called “Dugout Blues.” He does contracts and depth charts for FanGraphs and is a contributor/editor at The Hardball Times. He graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with his bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in digital media. While at CSUS, he worked for the student-run newspaper The State Hornet for three years, culminating with a 1-year term as editor-in-chief. He resides in Stockton, Calif., and has yet to be shot.


Dodgers @ Reds Aug. 22, 2016: Trap Game

Thus ends an odd series in Cincinnati, with a 9:30 a.m. game on a Monday. Sure, why not. The Dodgers send Scott Kazmir out against Homer Bailey — yes, he still exists. Bailey actually used to be quite good before he needed Tommy John surgery after signing a $100 million contract extension in February 2014. Now?…


How Justin Turner turned his 2016 season around

Back in May, Justin Turner was not a good hitter. He was playing great defense, but the hitting to which the Dodgers and their fans had become accustom was nowhere to be found. I wrote about his power outage and some of the causes behind it. “Justin Turner was one of baseball’s best hitters in his…


Dodgers @ Phillies Aug. 18, 2016: Stripling for the sweep

Turns out, no one claimed today’s game thread. So, enjoy literally the worst thread we have ever “written.” Tonight’s Dodger lineup at Phillies:Utley 2BSeager SSTurner 3BReddick RFGonzález 1BGrandal CPederson CFKendrick LFStripling P — Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) August 18, 2016 Updated #MLB #Lineup #PhilliesHerrera CFGalvis SSFranco 3BHoward 1BRupp CParedes LFAltherr RFFeatherston 2BEickhoff P — OwnersBox…