Articles by Mike Petriello

Mike wrote daily for over six long years (2007-13) about the Dodgers at Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness, which was named 2011′s “Best Sports Blog” by LA Weekly. He can currently be found writing multiple times per week at FanGraphs and ESPN, along with producing and editing for Sports On Earth. He lives in New York City and will probably be asleep or on vacation when awesome things happen.


Dodgers 4, Cardinals 3: Costliest Win Of The Year

…aaaaaand exhale, because wow, did a lot just happen there. Clayton Kershaw was fine, but hardly up to his usual standards. I know that sounds weird when you consider that he struck out eight, walked one, and allowed three earned runs in seven innings. For most any other pitcher in baseball, that’s a pretty great…


The 2014 All-Star Game: Imminent Jeterpocalypse

When you think about great moments in All-Star games, there’s one that quickly comes to mind for me. In Seattle, in 2001, Baltimore shortstop Cal Ripken was playing in his final All-Star game. In his first plate appearance, he took the first pitch from Dodger pitcher Chan Ho Park and crushed it out of the…