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Mike wrote daily for over six long years (2007-13) about the Dodgers at Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness, which was named 2011′s “Best Sports Blog” by LA Weekly. He can currently be found writing multiple times per week at FanGraphs and ESPN, has been a producer and editor for Sports on Earth, and built The Hardball Times. He lives in New York City and will probably be asleep or on vacation when awesome things happen.


Juan Nicasio, Fascinating Relief Project

If you haven’t been particularly excited by Joel Peralta, Kyle Jensen, Mike Bolsinger and now Juan Nicasio, acquired from the Rockies this afternoon, you could probably be forgiven. None are going to sell tickets. Several looked pretty bad in the more traditional stats, and so you get why these minor moves have been difficult for…

Yes, I know this is Zach, not Buck. (via)

A Reason To Maybe Be Interested in Buck Britton

If you’re worried that I’m going to devote a new post to every single minor leaguer the Dodgers sign, fear not. That’s why there wasn’t a post originally about infielder Buck Britton, who announced on Twitter the other day that he’d signed with the Dodgers after seven years in the Orioles organization. (He is, as the…