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Mike wrote daily for over six long years (2007-13) about the Dodgers at Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness, which was named 2011′s “Best Sports Blog” by LA Weekly. He can currently be found writing multiple times per week at FanGraphs and ESPN, along with producing and editing for Sports On Earth. He lives in New York City and will probably be asleep or on vacation when awesome things happen.


The Day After Absolutely Nothing

So… how are you feeling after of all yesterday’s insanity? Or, if you want to be specific to the Dodgers, total lack of insanity? I guess all I can come up with is “mildly disappointed.” Josh Beckett and Dan Haren aren’t an acceptable 4/5 in the rotation. Chris Perez and Paul Maholm shouldn’t still exist…


Congratulations, You Survived the Deadline

…aaaaaand exhale.  Was that fun? I don’t know if that was fun. Jon Lester, John Lackey, Andrew Miller and David Price all moved. The Phillies did nothing. The Royals did nothing. Martin Prado is a Yankee. Asdrubal Cabrera is a National. Jarred Cossart, who we can probably now assume was the Astro complaining about Mark…


Two Hours To Go

Lord, remember when this seemed boring? The Red Sox have traded half their team, and though their fans seem very upset, I think they’ve made out extremely well so far. (For FanGraphs, I wrote up the John Lackey / Allen Craig / Joe Kelly deal.) Jon Lester is in Oakland. Yoenis Cespedes is in Boston….


Deadline Day Is Upon Us

Welcome to the final hours of what has been a dreadfully boring July, at least tradewise. (Yes, I suppose the Jeff Samardzija/Jason Hammel deal was in early July, but that now feels so long ago.) All that really happened yesterday was the relatively minor deal of Justin Masterson to the Cardinals for a minor league…


48 Hours Until The Trade Deadline

We’re just under 48 hours until the trade deadline, and the Dodgers are going to get Jon Lester, David Price, Cole Hamels, John Lackey, Jonathan Papelbon, Cliff Lee, Andrew Miller, Koji Uehara, Joaquin Benoit, Ben Zobrist, and Bartolo Colon in exchange for Matt Kemp, Corey Seager, Julio Urias, Joc Pederson, Carl Crawford‘s health insurance bills,…

Such grit! (via)

Dodgers Acquire Darwin Barney, Because Defense

I heard a rumor that the Dodgers might go after Darwin Barney over the weekend, but gave it literally almost no thought whatsoever, because I was on vacation, and screw it, it’s just Darwin Barney. Then David Vassegh mentioned earlier today that the interest might be real, and now, apparently, it is: Barney is reportedly…