Logan White screencap

Logan White Leaves Dodgers For Padres

I can’t remember where I said this the other day — the comments, probably, or maybe Twitter — but after the Josh Byrnes rumors came out, making it clear that he’d be part of the organization but more than likely not as the GM, I briefly thought about the incredible talent this front office might…


2014 World Series Game 1: Giants @ Royals

God I hate baseball. This really should be “Dodgers vs. Royals,” but here we are. Everyone here is the biggest Royals’ fan ever because of their opponent. Giants Royals 5:07 p.m. Kansas City, Mo. CF Blanco SS Escobar 2B Panik RF Aoki C Posey CF Cain 3B Sandoval 1B Hosmer RF Pence DH Butler 1B…


Are The Dodgers Really Going To Dump Payroll?

Recently, there was a report in the LA Times that the Dodger payroll would drop to $185m-$190m in 2015. Because the report was unsourced, based on factually-incorrect assertions, and came from a writer of ill repute, I ignored it, as I do with most of the words from that particular author. But then ESPN’s Mark…


So Long, 2014

Man. Man. Baseball, right? Having slept on it, I’ve come to the conclusion that what happened was always going to happen. To expect Clayton Kershaw, on short rest, to seamlessly hand it off to Kenley Jansen, was probably unrealistic. To expect Jansen to get six outs — a thing he’s never done — was hardly…


National League Wild Card: Giants @ Pirates

How in the world do you top that? Giants Pirates 5:00 p.m. Pittsburgh, Pa. CF Blanco 3B Harrison 2B Panik SS Mercer C Posey CF McCutchen 3B Sandoval C Martin RF Pence LF Marte 1B Belt 3B Walker SS Crawford 1B Sanchez LF Ishikawa RF Snider P Bumgarner (L) P Volquez (R) “That,” of course,…


American League Wild Card: A’s @ Royals

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Dodgers. It does not matter. There’s one baseball game on tonight. Everyone will be watching it. You will be, too, so here’s a place to talk about it. A’s Royals 5:00 p.m. Kansas City, Mo. CF Crisp SS Escobar LF Fuld RF Aoki 3B Donaldson CF Cain…


The Recent History Of Dodger Post-Clinch Lineups

One thing I’m looking forward today is seeing who the Dodgers bring out for their post-clinch party lineup. It’s a good time to get the regulars some extra rest and get some experience for the younger players. The Dodgers are almost guaranteed to be the second seed at this point, so they’re not really playing…


A Week Of Sitting And Waiting

I know there’s Dodger baseball tonight, and tomorrow, and the next day. But is there, really? Don’t get me wrong: I’m thrilled that the Dodgers have locked the division up early enough that this three-game set against a wretched Colorado team doesn’t have to mean anything. That’s wonderful. That’s outstanding. That’s how you want it…


Report: De Jon Watson To Leave For Diamondbacks

This isn’t wonderful: #Dodgers’ De Jon Watson likely to join #DBacks as assistant to Dave Stewart, sources tell me and @jonmorosi. Stewart close to being named GM — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) September 24, 2014 Watson, the VP of Player Development, joined the Dodgers in 2007 from Cleveland, and he along with Logan White have largely…