Alexander Guerrero

Reversing the strikeout trend

Uncertainty Reigns For Dodgers at Second Base

Dee Gordon reached base three times last night against Seattle, and the first two were pretty much the most Gordon successes ever. In the first inning, he hit a chopper to the left side and beat the throw. After striking out in the second, he tapped back to the pitcher in his next plate appearance,…


Alex Guerrero on Defense: Two Game GIF Recap

After the first four games of spring training, we’ve only seen Alex Guerrero on defense for ten innings. That’s way too small of a sample to make any judgement of his defensive ability as he transitions to a new position, but it at least gives us a few plays to look back on, especially for…

Is he better in a platoon? (Via)

What Would A Platoon At Second Base Look Like?

Earlier today, Don Mattingly made some waves when he said the following about the Dodgers’ second-base situation: I like platoons because, basically, it gets you good matchups if you get the right guys for it. It keeps guys involved, keeps them fresh and they know when they will be starting. I actually like it, so…