Clayton Kershaw


Dodgers 2, Royals 0: Offense Bad, But Kershaw Better

Clayton Kershaw didn’t allow ruminations of Johnny Vander Meer to last very long tonight. The second batter of the game, Eric Hosmer, somehow singled to left on a fastball that was about shoulder-high. Despite the Royals getting a whole six hits against him, Kershaw pitched eight shutout innings. Kershaw has now thrown 21 consecutive innings without allowing…


Clayton Kershaw’s No-Hit Stuff

When I started looking at the Pitch FX data for Clayton Kershaw‘s no-hitter, I was expecting to find something that stuck out. Did his pitches break more? Were the pitches faster? Let’s compare his numbers from last night to the rest of the season for each pitch (excluding the changeup since he only threw two). First,…