Clayton Kershaw


Can Clayton Kershaw Win The MVP?

Yesterday’s start by Clayton Kershaw featured great pitching (though not up to his usual standards) as well as contributions on both offense and defense. He has been absolutely incredible this year, even though he missed over a month with a teres major strain. At this point, even with the missed time, he is by far…


Dodgers 5, Giants 0: Clayton Kershaw Two-Hits The Giants

It’s nice to actually watch the Dodgers beat the Giants, isn’t it? The Dodgers started the season 3-7 against their northern rivals, but behind the arms of Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw, they’ve won the first two games of the series. Opposing Kershaw was Ryan Vogelsong, and his start began like what Dodger fans have come…


Dodgers 2, Padres 1: Clayton Kershaw, dabes

It couldn’t last forever, but if it was going to last for forever, Clayton Kershaw would have been the man to do it. His scoreless innings streak came to an end at 41 on Thursday night thanks to a Chase Headley home run. Headley battled Kershaw in the sixth inning, fouling off three pitches —…


Dodgers 9, Rockies 0: Clayton Kershaw. What Else Is There To Say?

What can you even say about Clayton Kershaw at this point? Dominant? Absurd, unhitable, unbelievable, The Best? We’ve heard all of that before. We’ll hear all of that again. But here we are, after another gem of a start, trying to process how amazing Clayton Kershaw has been lately. Kershaw entered tonight’s 9-0 victory with 28 consecutive scoreless…