Dan Haren


Dodgers 1, Indians 0: All alone in first place

Dan Haren outdueled Cleveland’s best starter in Corey Kluber in a 1-0 victory on Monday night. More importantly, the victory put the Dodgers in first place all by themselves for the first time since late April. Haren allowed just one hit — an infield single to Michael Bourn, a play that was originally ruled “out” by…


Dan Haren’s Collapsing 2014 Dream Season

Dan Haren has now made 16 starts. His ERA is 3.83. He’s stayed healthy enough to take the ball every fifth day. If you’d been told that’s how the first three months of his season would go when he signed a mere one-year contract last November, you’d probably have been thrilled and have quickly accepted…


Dodgers 6, Diamondbacks 4: Dan Haren vs Dan Haren

The biggest story in tonight’s 6-4 victory was Dan Haren – on both sides of the ball. We’ll start with the pitching. Haren made it through 6-1/3 innings. He gave up his requisite three runs, two on a first inning home run by Paul Goldschmidt. He didn’t walk anybody, but he struck out just two…


Phillies 5, Dodgers 3: One Game, Two Harens

Dan Haren‘s start of today’s 5-3 Dodger loss can be divided into two halves. The first “half,” the first two innings, required 57 pitches. The second “half,” the last four innings, required 58 pitches. The combination of the two halves was a microcosm of Haren’s 2014 season thus far – he made it through six innings despite allowing…


Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers 3: A Series To Forget

The offense couldn’t quite support a mediocre outing by Dan Haren today, and the Dodgers lost yet another frustrating game to the Diamondbacks by a score of 5-3. This is the first series loss against the Diamondbacks this year and the Dodgers have lost three of their last four games. Dan Haren was hit pretty hard tonight, though…