Dee Gordon

Photo by Daniel Brim

Dee Gordon’s Plate Discipline

So far this season, Dee Gordon has been one of the Dodgers’ biggest surprises. After concluding the series against the Marlins, he’s hitting .353/.387/.457 and leads all Dodgers position players with 1.4 fWAR. While Gordon’s offense has been outstanding thus far, his .417 BABIP sticks out. This will surely regress with a bigger sample size….


Dodgers 7, D’Backs 5: Nice Way To Start A Season

I am quite unsure how that could have gone better. If there’s one thing that would have been more annoying than flying approximately 200 million miles to Australia during spring training — for the players, that is, because I’ve quite enjoyed seeing baseball at the famed Sydney Cricket Grounds — it would have been flying…

Reversing the strikeout trend

Revisiting The Second Base Platoon

In February, I wrote about the potential for a platoon at second base after Don Mattingly stated that it was a possibility. I was a bit dismissive of the idea, citing the lack of combinations that made sense based on past hitting performances. My conclusion was that it was fairly likely that Alex Guerrero would start…

Mark McGwire is a really good hitting coach. (By: Dustin Nosler)

The Mark McGwire effect on Dodgers’ hitters

Even at their best, the Dodgers have never been known as an offensive juggernaut along the lines of the Cardinals, Rangers, Red Sox or Rockies. They’ve had some really good hitters to don the uniform, but they could never really pull it all together at the same time. The 2014 Dodgers could be one of…