Game Threads


Cardinals @ Dodgers May 15, 2016: For the Sweep

Cardinals Dodgers 5:10 p.m. PT Los Angeles 3B Carpenter 2B Utley RF Piscotty SS Seager LF Holliday 3B Turner CF Grichuk 1B Gonzalez SS Diaz C Grandal LF Hazelbaker LF Kendrick 2B Wong RF Puig C Fryer CF Pederson P Leake (R) P Wood (L) Short game thread today. The Dodgers are going for a sweep behind…


Mets @ Dodgers, May 11 2016: Maeda vs. Thor

Mets Dodgers 7:10 p.m. PT Los Angeles RF Granderson 2B Utley SS Cabrera SS Seager LF Conforto 3B Kendrick CF Cespedes 1B Gonzalez 1B Duda C Grandal 2B Walker CF Pederson 3B Campbell RF Puig C Rivera LF Crawford P Syndergaard (R) P Maeda (R) Kenta Maeda and Noah Syndergaard have been two of the best starting…


Mets @ Dodgers May 10, 2016: Wood vs. deGrom

After dropping the series opener against the Mets, the Dodgers look to Alex Wood in order to even up the series on Tuesday evening at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers are now 3-8 in the first game of each of the 11 series they have played in so far this season, and they are 5-9 at home. The Giants…


Mets @ Dodgers May 9, 2016: NLDS Rematch Begins

Mets Dodgers 7:10 p.m. PT Los Angeles RF Granderson LF Hernandez SS Cabrera 2B Kendrick 3B Wright 1B Gonzalez LF Cespedes 3B Turner 1B Duda RF Puig CF Lagares CF Thompson 2B Flores C Ellis C Plawecki SS Culberson P Matz (L) P Kazmir (L) As the Dodgers return home and face their NLDS foe for the…


Dodgers @ Blue Jays May 8, 2016: Happy Mother’s Day

Dodgers Blue Jays 10:07 a.m. PT Toronto 2B  Utley LF  Saunders SS  Seager 3B  Donaldson 3B  Turner RF  Bautista  DH  Gonzalez DH   Encarnacion C  Grandal 1B  Smoak 1B   Kendrick SS  Tulowitzki CF   Pederson  CF  Pillar LF  Crawford C  Martin RF Thompson 2B Goins The Dodgers close out their road trip with a rubber match against the…