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The 2014 All-Star Game: Imminent Jeterpocalypse

When you think about great moments in All-Star games, there’s one that quickly comes to mind for me. In Seattle, in 2001, Baltimore shortstop Cal Ripken was playing in his final All-Star game. In his first plate appearance, he took the first pitch from Dodger pitcher Chan Ho Park and crushed it out of the…


Padres @ Dodgers July 11, 2014: As The Outfield Turns

Hanley Ramirez is out tonight, but you already knew that. Miguel Rojas is the starting shortstop. At this point, I’m no longer “happy” or “sad” about Ramirez news. We’ve arrived in a perpetual state of nothingness, where Ramirez is neither active nor inactive. If a shortstop falls in the woods, and no one can watch it…