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Dodgers @ Reds June 12, 2014: Battles Within The Game

In the bottom of the third inning of last night’s game, Hyun-jin Ryu walked Billy Hamilton. Hamilton has largely been a disappointment on offense this season (he has a .290 OBP), but he’s still second in the majors in stolen bases. This walk was particularly notable because of the pitcher. Ryu has been absolutely exceptional at…


Dodgers @ Reds June 11, 2014: Snakes On a Puig

First things first: I’m so, so sorry for that headline. Probably not as much as I should be, but then again, Yasiel Puig doesn’t go to the zoo every day (I mean… probably. Right? If anyone would go to the zoo every day, doesn’t it seem like it’d be Puig?) and meet polar bears and gorillas (all while…

Dodgers @ Reds June 10, 2014: RIP Bob Welch & rain in June?

Because the weather sucks everywhere outside of California (mostly), it appears there’s weather inbound to Cincinnati, which will likely cause (at least) a delay in the start of the game, if not a complete postponement. Well, this isn’t optimal #reds #dodgers — Mark Sheldon (@m_sheldon) June 10, 2014 It looks like by 6 p.m….