Hanley Ramirez


Dodgers 4, Cardinals 3: Costliest Win Of The Year

…aaaaaand exhale, because wow, did a lot just happen there. Clayton Kershaw was fine, but hardly up to his usual standards. I know that sounds weird when you consider that he struck out eight, walked one, and allowed three earned runs in seven innings. For most any other pitcher in baseball, that’s a pretty great…

Probably hurt himself doing this. (via)

Hanley Ramirez’ All-Star Break Starts Early

In “news that should shock absolutely nobody, anywhere, ever” news, don’t expect to see Hanley Ramirez soon. From Ken Gurnick: After helping win Thursday night’s game, Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez left with a flare-up of his sore right shoulder and likely won’t start again until after the All-Star break. Ramirez had another injection in the…


Hanley Ramirez Is Back, For Some Reason

Daniel will have a proper game thread coming up, but it’s probably important to note that Hanley Ramirez is in tonight’s starting lineup, hitting third and playing short. A quick recap of the last week and a half or so, in case you’ve forgotten: 6/22 @ SD — starts at SS 6/23 @ KC —…


Cleveland Sporting Team @ Dodgers July 1, 2014: No Hanleys Ever

Here’s a thing I am completely sick of typing: “Hanley Ramirez is not in the starting lineup tonight.” I’ve lost count of how many times he’s sat, and I honestly don’t care to look it up. Five? Ten? A million? Who knows? Ken Gurnick reports that Ramirez “did not participate in batting or infield practice…


The Dodgers Must Import Infield Depth

Last night’s offensive outburst was a whole lot of fun, but it came with a price, and it’s made one thing extremely clear: As the trade season heats up, adding David Price or another starting pitcher is not the biggest issue this team needs to address. Replacing Chris Perez and Paul Maholm with an addition…


Cardinals @ Dodgers June 28, 2014: Hanley Ramirez Is Back

Tonight’s original Dodger lineup had Miguel Rojas hitting eighth and playing shortstop, as we all happily grumbled about Hanley Ramirez spending his fifth consecutive day on the bench thanks to a right shoulder issue. But even as that lineup was out there, Dylan Hernandez was reporting that Don Mattingly thought that Ramirez could be added to the lineup late,…