Hyun-Jin Ryu


Dodgers 4, Mets 3: Home Run Derby

Clayton Kershaw cares not for your selfie, guys As I quickly learned sitting in the press box tonight, there aren’t Mets fans or Dodger fans. There’s just Hyun-jin Ryu fans, as the sizable Korean contingent both within and outside the box cheered pretty much every move he made. And for the most part, that was…


Hyun-jin Ryu’s Previous Shoulder Injury

Yesterday, after we learned that Hyun-jin Ryu was sent to the disabled list due to an inflamed shoulder, there was a momentary panic. Shoulder injuries for pitchers are never good, and shoulders are a lot more difficult to fix than elbows. However, the team has stated that the injury is minor. Further comfort came from the…


Rockies 6, Dodgers 1: Just Forget Any Of That Happened

There’s three especially major parts to any baseball game. (And lesser parts like umpire, weather, manager, etc.) How’d that work out for the Dodgers against the Rockies today? Pitching — Hyun-jin Ryu, well… at least he didn’t walk anyone? But he did give up nine hits and six runs, including Josh Rutledge‘s crushing three-run homer…


Dodgers 2, Giants 1: Exhale

In between Yasiel Puig doing all the things that make him great — and don’t forget the out-of-nowhere catch that may have saved a run in the eighth inning — there was actually a baseball game today. I know! And once again, Hyun-jin Ryu is making people notice that the Dodgers have more than two outstanding starting…