Joc Pederson

Joc Pederson screencap 6.2 Colorado

Joc Pederson, platoon player

At least, that’s what it feels like in the early going. Joc Pederson didn’t start on Thursday night against Robbie Ray. I made note of it in the game thread. The fact is, it seems like he has been relegated to a platoon role. This isn’t a slight at Trayce Thompson by any means. He’s…


2015 Positional Review: Center Field

After significant struggles at the position in 2014, the Dodgers staked their fortunes in the rookie Joc Pederson. When that faltered (or when he needed a day off), they turned to fellow rookie Enrique Hernandez. All things considered, it went pretty well, even if it wasn’t a smooth ride. — How Dodger center fielders fared (MLB ranks…

Photo by: Dustin Nosler

Searching for the 2016 Dodgers’ leadoff hitter

With Howie Kendrick back (almost), the Dodgers’ roster is pretty well set, aside from your multiple-time-a-year Andre Ethier and/or Carl Crawford trade rumor. There is a question about the lineup, though: Who’s going to hit leadoff? It’s an interesting question. There isn’t a clear-cut leadoff hitter on the roster right now. Joc Pederson is the prototype…


How Do the Dodgers Assemble an Outfield for Game 5?

When I wrote at FanGraphs, it became kind of a recurring thing that I’d write about the overstuffed Dodgers outfield. In November 2013, it was “The Dodgers and Too Many Outfielders,” about how they’d manage to wedge the up-and-coming Yasiel Puig & Joc Pederson into a group that had highly-paid veterans Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford,…