Joc Pederson


It’s Fun To Watch Joc Pederson

Today in Arizona, Joc Pederson did the second-best thing to taking a five-iron to Matt Kemp‘s ankle in terms of trying to make the team: he took Chicago’s Jake Petricka deep down the left field line ifor a home run in the seventh inning. Petricka’s not exactly Chris Sale or anything, but he is a…

Projected 2017 Dodgers’ lineup

It’s hard to project anything in baseball, especially something like a 2017 lineup. But that’s what I’m going to do here. I usually attach this at the end of my prospect write-ups, but I wanted to go a little more in depth here. It takes into account who is currently in the farm system and…

(Dustin Nosler)

Best tools of the Dodgers’ farm system

Tools are what scouts look for when evaluating a player. I tend to fall on the side of “The higher the upside, the better.” But there’s nothing wrong with a “safe” prospect. There aren’t many safe prospects who possess the best tools in the Dodgers’ farm system. Best Hitter for Average This category includes the…

Corey Seager is going to be a stud, by Dustin Nosler

2014 Top 50 Dodgers’ prospects: No. 1-10

This is the finale of a 5-part series detailing my Top 50 Dodgers’ prospects. These are scouting reports for Nos. 1-10. Previous entries Prospect landing page No. 11-20 No. 21-30 No. 31-40 No. 41-50 Editor’s note: I am not a scout (#notascout). This is an amateur scouting report based on what I know about baseball…