Joc Pederson


About all those Dodger platoons

The Dodgers have faced a lot of left-handed pitching this month. Because of that, guys like Andre Ethier,¬†Carl Crawford and, to a lesser extent, Joc Pederson, have gotten more days off than normal. Yet, people are clamoring for the Dodgers to play some of these guys more — specifically Ethier and Crawford. The mantra by…


Now Is Not The Time To Give Up On Joc Pederson

So Chase Utley is in, taking Alberto Callaspo‘s place on both the 25- and 40-man rosters. As Dustin said, it’s a reasonable deal for both sides, because neither John Richy or Darnell Sweeney are irreplaceable. The question now is: How does this all work? It’s the focus of Buster Olney’s column today, reasonably asking how…


What If Joc Pederson Can’t Turn It Around?

I know, I know: You all want to talk about the bullpen! And we will, probably! But this was already pre-loaded for Monday morning, and it’s still a relevant concern. So onward we march. You surely don’t need me to tell you that after a stellar start to 2015, it’s been a rough slide for…


It’s Been A Rough Month For The Dodger Outfield

It’s not that the Dodgers should be terribly embarrassed by last night’s 2-0 loss to Oakland; after all, Sonny Gray is one of the elite pitchers in the game, right up there with Chris Sale, Chris Archer, and Dallas Keuchel in the race for the AL Cy Young. (Corey Kluber should be there too, but…


Joc Pederson Comes in Second At Best Home Run Derby Ever

That was fun. That was so fun. I don’t think anyone could argue that MLB’s new timed Home Run Derby was anything other than a smashing success, because that was just a different event than we’ve seen in recent years. The bloat was gone. The excitement was in. This format was great, and I imagine…