Josh Beckett


2014 Dodgers In Review: SP Josh Beckett

G IP K% BB% ERA FIP xFIP WAR MLB 20 115.2 22.5% 8.2% 2.88 4.33 3.73 0.2 What Happened In 2014: Contributed, when nobody expected it. Entering the season, nobody expected much out of Josh Beckett. He ended 2013 with major surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome, removing a rib to relieve nerve pressure in his pitching…


The Massive Dodgers / Red Sox Trade, Two Years Later

Two years ago, the Dodgers and Red Sox made the biggest trade you’ll ever see. Time to update the old scoreboard! Setting aside the dollars for a minute, here’s how the Nick Punto trade stands at the moment, 24 months on. The charts below contain only production given directly to the Dodgers and Red Sox…


Cubs 7, Dodgers 3: Bad Pitching Is Bad

I think a lot of fans hate hearing about “BABIP” and “regression,” but this is why we talk about it: because it’s real. Just like we all knew that Tim Hudson wouldn’t keep his ERA under 2.00 all season up in San Francisco, it was pretty clear that Josh Beckett wasn’t going to pitch like…


Dodgers’ Rotation Excellence Masks Depth Concerns

The Dodger starting rotation, if you haven’t noticed, has been excellent. By one measure, you could even argue that it has been the most productive rotation in baseball. It helps when you have a pitcher who is on track to be one of the all-time elites, of course, but there’s also two guys who would…


Dodgers 8, Rockies 2: So Long, Colorado

We’re going to lightning-round this one out, because the Rockies are terrible and no one paid attention to this game past the sixth inning and oh my god it still took four hours and there’s another post coming. The featured image to this post is Adrian Gonzalez sliding safely into home, which was funny because…


Oh My God, Josh Beckett Could Be An All-Star

Note: Confused by the new look? Check out the intro here. A line from Dustin’s recap of last night’s victory really struck me: Beckett was once again brilliant: 7 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 2 B, 4 K, 9/3 GO/AO, 107 pitches, 69 strikes. He lowered his ERA to a team-leading 2.11. He should be…