Justin Turner


The Dodgers Must Import Infield Depth

Last night’s offensive outburst was a whole lot of fun, but it came with a price, and it’s made one thing extremely clear: As the trade season heats up, adding David Price or another starting pitcher is not the biggest issue this team needs to address. Replacing Chris Perez and Paul Maholm with an addition…

Reversing the strikeout trend

Revisiting The Second Base Platoon

In February, I wrote about the potential for a platoon at second base after Don Mattingly stated that it was a possibility. I was a bit dismissive of the idea, citing the lack of combinations that made sense based on past hitting performances. My conclusion was that it was fairly likely that Alex Guerrero would start…


Reminder: Second Basemen Bat Second

I’ve been making the “second basemen bat second” joke about Don Mattingly for so long that I’m not even sure when it stopped being a joke and started turning into reality. Now, either the joke has become self-aware, or Mattingly is just enjoying messing with us all, as he did the other day when I…