Matt Kemp


Remembering Why The Matt Kemp Trade Made Sense

The Padres didn’t “win” the Matt Kemp trade when Kemp drove in three runs in Los Angeles on Opening Day. The Dodgers didn’t “win” the trade when Yasmani Grandal had his near-historic day in Milwaukee yesterday. We’re not going to know the true outcome for years; it’s more than possible that neither side wins, in…


So Long, Matt Kemp

I think we’ve all accepted the inevitability that Matt Kemp was going to be traded for a few days now, and today, as painful as it is to contemplate, that time is here. Kemp, extraneous backup catcher Tim Federowicz, and $32 million have been traded to San Diego for catcher Yasmani Grandal, pitcher Joe Wieland…


The Night That Blew Up Baseball

I’m shocked. I’m floored, really, at what’s happened in the last 12 hours. I’m sad that Dee Gordon is gone, because he was immensely fun to watch and probably the nicest ballplayer I have ever spoken to, and thrilled in the manner in which he left. I feel for Dan Haren, another good guy who…