Matt Kemp


Let’s Try To Be Honest About Matt Kemp’s Defense

Hey, you guys sick of talking about Matt Kemp yet? No? Cool. Among the many conversations about whether the Dodgers should trade him or keep him — as I’ve said, I believe he’s more valuable as a Dodger than elsewhere, though I also don’t believe that “right-handed power” is a check box you must have…


Winter Meetings Day One: Matt Kemp Is Still A Dodger

Jon Lester is a Cub, unless he’s a Giant, or maybe he’s a Red Sox, unless he’s not. Maybe he’s a Yankee! Brandon Moss is with Cleveland, in a deal that initially seems weird for Oakland but seems less so when you remember how badly injured Moss’ hip seemed to be. Kendrys Morales wants “multiple…


The Only Bad Matt Kemp Trade Is A Bad Matt Kemp Trade

Matt Kemp trade rumors seem to grow every day, and people are freaking out about it, even though this happens every year and nothing ever comes of it. While I still think it’s more likely than not that Kemp stays in Los Angeles, I’ll admit that this being the first time the new front office…


Source: Every Team Wants Matt Kemp

YOU GUYS DID YOU HEAR MATT KEMP IS GETTING TRADED? He’s going to the… Orioles, now, and for at least seven years: Per sources, #Orioles also have talked to #Dodgers about Kemp. O’s lining up alternatives if they can’t re-sign Markakis, Cruz and also… — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) November 30, 2014 Red Sox and for at…


Of Course The Dodgers Are Trying To Trade An Outfielder

Here’s a series of tweets from Ken Rosenthal tonight, and I’m showing these here not to get on Rosenthal, who isn’t in any way incorrect, but to illustrate a larger point: Sources: #Dodgers aggressively trying to move Kemp, Crawford or Ethier. Puig not in play. — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) November 10, 2014 #Dodgers willing to…


It’s Good To Have You Back, Matt Kemp

Here’s two notable players having basically the exact same season: G PA HR RBI SB BB% K% AVG OBP SLG wRC+ 136 564 19 66 10 9.20% 18.40% 0.275 0.353 0.452 127 132 525 19 68 8 9.30% 25.00% 0.282 0.347 0.484 134 One strikes out a bit more, but he hits for more power…


Visualizing Matt Kemp’s revamped stance

About a week ago, it was revealed that Matt Kemp had made changes in the batter’s box and that those changes are at least partially responsible for his increased production. Kemp himself didn’t expand on it, but assistant hitting coach John Valentin opened up a bit to Pedro Moura of the Orange County Register. So…


Dodgers 3, Braves 2: Welcome Back, Matt Kemp

Here’s a thing I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before: one player taking two bases on an infield grounder more than once in a single game. I don’t know how to look that sort of thing up; I don’t know if it can be looked up, and either way, it’s sort of like an RBI or a…