Matt Kemp


Pirates @ Dodgers May 30, 2014: That Is Certainly A Lineup

Tonight is the Dodgers’ first start against a left-handed pitcher (Francisco Liriano) since May 22nd against the Mets. That was eight games ago. Matt Kemp‘s benching started after that game and Hanley Ramirez‘ brief injury issues weren’t far behind. Carl Crawford‘s ankle hadn’t exploded yet, either. A lot has changed since then, so the “standard lefty…


Reds @ Dodgers May 27, 2014: What Even Is This Team

I throw up my hands in defeat. I literally have no idea any longer. When tonight’s lineup was first announced, it had Chone Figgins batting second, Erisbel Arruebarrena batting eighth, and Dee Gordon, hitting .243/.298/.296 over the last month, at leadoff. Hanley Ramirez & Matt Kemp were nowhere to be found. The mind began to spin in circles. Why…