Matt Kemp


Matt Kemp’s Offense Is Not The Problem

There is no player more polarizing on the Dodgers than Matt Kemp. Recently, as Kemp trade rumors have (predictably) started to get louder, there have been a large variety of reactions. There’s one thing that comes up frequently in our comment section, on twitter, and around the internet which I want to address, though. You…


The Chaos Of The Dodger Outfield

Carl Crawford returned from the disabled list on July 10th, just over two weeks ago. Crawford’s return brought the outfield back up to five players, with no real candidate to play center. I looked at the math of the offense prior to his return, and we’ve had all sorts of fun talking about the outfield shuffle…


Arranging the Dodger Outfield Mathematically

Carl Crawford is expected to return to the Dodgers tonight after spending about six weeks on the disabled list with a sprained ankle. It’s never good to wish for injuries, but Crawford’s absence reduced the pressure caused by the “five outfielder problem.” As a result of the injury, Matt Kemp was un-benched and played every day….

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Dodgers @ Rockies July 3, 2014: Here Come The Lefties

This afternoon, the Dodgers are starting a four game series against the Rockies in Coors field. Given what usually happens to Dodgers there, that’s pretty terrifying. There’s also a hidden part of the series that might be cause for some mild concern. The following starters are lined up to pitch against the Dodgers: Franklin Morales, TBD, Jorge…


There is no benefit to the Dodgers trading Matt Kemp

We’re about five weeks from the July 31 non-waiver MLB trade deadline, and Matt Kemp‘s name is predictably — and frustratingly — being brought up in trade rumors. For some reason, folks seem to think the Red Sox are a good fit for Kemp’s services, even if there’s “nothing” happening right now. I mean, I…


Setting Expectations On Matt Kemp

On May 21 in New York, Matt Kemp doubled for his only hit in four plate appearances in a 4-3 Dodger win over the Mets. At the time, his slash line was .273/.338/.469. His wOBA was .354; his wRC+ was 129. Only 34 players had a wRC+ higher than 129 last year; among those not to…


Pirates @ Dodgers May 30, 2014: That Is Certainly A Lineup

Tonight is the Dodgers’ first start against a left-handed pitcher (Francisco Liriano) since May 22nd against the Mets. That was eight games ago. Matt Kemp‘s benching started after that game and Hanley Ramirez‘ brief injury issues weren’t far behind. Carl Crawford‘s ankle hadn’t exploded yet, either. A lot has changed since then, so the “standard lefty…


Reds @ Dodgers May 27, 2014: What Even Is This Team

I throw up my hands in defeat. I literally have no idea any longer. When tonight’s lineup was first announced, it had Chone Figgins batting second, Erisbel Arruebarrena batting eighth, and Dee Gordon, hitting .243/.298/.296 over the last month, at leadoff. Hanley Ramirez & Matt Kemp were nowhere to be found. The mind began to spin in circles. Why…