Ned Colletti


You’ll Never Escape Ned Colletti, Ever

No way to start other than with the actual news: #Dodgers officially add Ned Colletti to SportsNet LA broadcast team. — Bill Shaikin (@BillShaikin) April 1, 2015 Nearly a decade after he came to town, and about five months after he was shoved aside in favor of our shiny new front office of dorks, Colletti’s…


The End Of The Ned Colletti Era

Can you breathe yet? Can any of us? I’ve had a pretty good idea that Ned Colletti would be leaving the GM job for a few days, but I didn’t know until the announcement came out that Andrew Friedman would the one coming in. We’d heard the rumors, and dismissed them. Now, it’s real. But…


The Dodgers Have a GM, Until They Don’t

So, a funny thing is happening. The Dodgers have a general manager, one Ned Colletti. And yet we keep hearing names about potential replacements, like Tampa Bay’s Andrew Friedman, Cleveland’s Mark Shapiro, Chicago’s Kenny Williams, Billy Eppler of the Yankees, the Dodgers’ own Logan White, former assistant GM Kim Ng, and so on. These are…


As The Ned Turns

So here’s a last-minute change of plan. I had a big post all written up on resetting the 40-man roster, outlining free agents, arbitration cases, etc.,  and that was to go up this morning. Now it’s not, and here’s why: All anyone wants to talk about right now is the job status of Ned Colletti,…


The Day After Absolutely Nothing

So… how are you feeling after of all yesterday’s insanity? Or, if you want to be specific to the Dodgers, total lack of insanity? I guess all I can come up with is “mildly disappointed.” Josh Beckett and Dan Haren aren’t an acceptable 4/5 in the rotation. Chris Perez and Paul Maholm shouldn’t still exist…