Braves 3, Dodgers 2: No Uribe, no victory

This is the first time Juan Uribe hasn’t been a Dodger since before the 2011 season. They lost tonight without Uribe in the organization. Coincidence??? (yes) While Uribe didn’t have much involvement in the outcome offensively (0-for-3, walk, two strikeouts, a nice ovation from the crowd), he knocked down a sure A.J. Ellis double play…

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Dodgers 6, Braves 3: Dre Day

Solo shots by Andre Ethier and Jimmy Rollins, with a two-run bomb by Alex Guerrero in between, gave the Dodgers a four-run lead in the eighth inning and broke a 2-2 tie. That’s not to underplay the other side of it though, with Brett Anderson turning it yet another quality start, going seven innings and…


Padres 11, Dodgers 3: At Least The Game Ended

The Dodgers bullpen did well today, surrendering just a single run in five innings of work. Unfortunately, the reason behind those five innings of work was that starter Carlos Frias surrendered 10 runs on two walks and 12 hits (two homers) in just four innings of work. Much of the early damage came thanks to…


Giants 4, Dodgers 0: Baseball is pain

When I wrote the game thread yesterday, I might have been a bit presumptuous in asking for a win in San Francisco. When Mike wrote today’s thread, I thought he was well within reason to ask for a run. Alas, that seemed too big a task for baseball’s best offense, or something. Here we are…


Giants 4, Dodgers 0: Everything is terrible

The Dodgers lost tonight primarily because they totaled three hits and two walks in seven innings off Tim Lincecum, and managed just seven baserunners all game, which only continues their struggles against any pitcher who has a pulse to the tune of two runs in the last four games. Also being like 1-for-500 with RISP…


Giants 2, Dodgers 0: One of ‘those’ games

These Dodger-Giant games are the worst. It’s probably a blessing in disguise they didn’t meet in last year’s NLCS. There would have been some folks (including yours truly) who wouldn’t have survived it. This was a pretty lackluster game. The Giants scored their first run in the most Giant of ways. After two were out,…