Dodgers 10, Rays 5: The Offense Is Alive

Coming off a disastrous 1-6 homestand, which was one less Clayton Kershaw solo victory over the Padres from being the worst homestand in Los Angeles Dodgers history (or something terrible like that), the Dodgers drubbed the Rays, 10-5, scoring one less run today than they did across the last seven games combined. The Dodgers are…


Dodgers 1, Padres 0: #KershawYourFriend

Clayton Kershaw was absolutely stellar today. One might figure that from looking at the results: 9 IP, 3 H, 14 K, 0 BB. But he was somehow even more impressive than his line. In those nine innings of work, he threw 101 pitches, 75 for strikes. He induced more swinging strikes (27) than he threw balls out of…


Marlins 5, Dodgers 3: Swept

Dodgers lost to the Marlins tonight, 5-3, completing their epic collapse in a four-game sweep where they played some of the worst baseball possible. The sweep drops the team to 12-11 overall and 4-6 at home. —– —– Hitting bad, pitching bad, defense bad. Baseball bad. Sports bad.

Coors Field

Dodgers, 12, Rockies 10: Until August, Coors Field

If it seems like we talk a lot about the venue when the Dodgers are playing the Rockies in Denver, it’s because there’s no other stadium in Major League Baseball that has as extreme an impact on the game. And this was a very Coors-y game. The Dodgers struck first, knocking out Rockies starter Jordan Lyles…