Scott Van Slyke


The Chaos Of The Dodger Outfield

Carl Crawford returned from the disabled list on July 10th, just over two weeks ago. Crawford’s return brought the outfield back up to five players, with no real candidate to play center. I looked at the math of the offense prior to his return, and we’ve had all sorts of fun talking about the outfield shuffle…


This Is Not A Drill: Scott Van Slyke, Center Fielder

When the whole “Matt Kemp is moving to left field” business went down, I think we all thought that he’d return to center against lefties, since Andre Ethier would be taking a seat. The first time the Dodgers faced a lefty, Francisco Liriano, Ethier still inexplicably played. Tonight, the Dodgers welcome the White Sox and…

Scott Van Slyke - Dustin Nosler ST 2014

Scott Van Slyke: Extra-base hit machine

A couple years ago, Scott Van Slyke was pretty much an afterthought. He was designated for assignment to clear a spot on the 40-man roster. No team took a flyer on him. Now, it seems the Dodgers were quite lucky for that. Van Slyke hit the then-go-ahead home run in the second game of the…