Scott Van Slyke


This Is Not A Drill: Scott Van Slyke, Center Fielder

When the whole “Matt Kemp is moving to left field” business went down, I think we all thought that he’d return to center against lefties, since Andre Ethier would be taking a seat. The first time the Dodgers faced a lefty, Francisco Liriano, Ethier still inexplicably played. Tonight, the Dodgers welcome the White Sox and…

Scott Van Slyke - Dustin Nosler ST 2014

Scott Van Slyke: Extra-base hit machine

A couple years ago, Scott Van Slyke was pretty much an afterthought. He was designated for assignment to clear a spot on the 40-man roster. No team took a flyer on him. Now, it seems the Dodgers were quite lucky for that. Van Slyke hit the then-go-ahead home run in the second game of the…