Spring Training


The Recent History of Dodgers Spring Pitching

Putting together the spring training batting statistics run-down was fun, so I’ve prepared a companion post for pitching statistics. The goal of the batting history post was to illustrate that you shouldn’t trust spring statistics, but that point was already made pretty clear. At this point, it’s more interesting to take a look back and…

"Yeah, well I had the Dodgers' second-best Spring Training OPS in 2010" (via)

The Recent History of Dodgers Spring Hitting

With spring training games fast approaching, we’ll undoubtedly start seeing some interesting stat lines among the Dodgers’ hitters. While everybody remembers Yasiel Puig‘s amazing spring training performance from last season, who else has stuck out in the last few years? The following leaderboards are the top three spring training OPSs among Dodger position players with…