Yasiel Puig

Photo by: Stacie Wheeler

Yasiel Puig is more valuable than you think

With all these Yasiel Puig trade rumors, it’s hard to know exactly (or even approximately) how much trade value he actually has. The reality is likely that he has more valuable to the Dodgers than any other team right now. The outfield, despite having many options, is thin in terms of production. Howie Kendrick, primarily…


Yasiel Puig struggling after hot start to season

After a hot start to the season, Yasiel Puig has cooled off — considerably. Through the season’s first 10 games, he was hitting .405/.500/.622 with an 11.4 walk and 13.6 strikeout percentage. We know that wasn’t sustainable, but he has fallen quite hard in the last 11 games. He’s hitting just .154/.175/.282 with an ugly…

Photo Courtesy of Prescott Leyba

Yasiel and Yaisel: Updates on Puig and Sierra

Ahh spring training. It’s exciting to see baseball around again, but it’s also a rude reminder that real baseball is still about six weeks away. Until then, updates from fake games and real practices will have to suffice. This offseason was newsworthy for Yasiel Puig, but not for the usual reasons. There was that scuffle…