Yasiel Puig


Yasiel Puig, Clayton Kershaw and a game of chicken

Everything coming out of the Dodgers’ front office so far this winter has pointed to reducing player salaries and building around young talent. This doesn’t mean the collective wallet will be closed. I still think the Dodgers end up with Zack Greinke or David Price. But if they don’t, their best and most attractive trade…


How Do the Dodgers Assemble an Outfield for Game 5?

When I wrote at FanGraphs, it became kind of a recurring thing that I’d write about the overstuffed Dodgers outfield. In November 2013, it was “The Dodgers and Too Many Outfielders,” about how they’d manage to wedge the up-and-coming Yasiel Puig & Joc Pederson into a group that had highly-paid veterans Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford,…


A brief look at Yasiel Puig’s new batting stance

During Wednesday’s Dodger-Phillie game, I (and others) noticed that Yasiel Puig‘s batting stance had changed. Apparently, not a lot of folks made note of it, but it was a pretty significant change. Puig has struggled with production and injuries this season. It isn’t a lost season for him, but he definitely isn’t enjoying the success…