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The Chaos Of The Dodger Outfield

Carl Crawford returned from the disabled list on July 10th, just over two weeks ago. Crawford’s return brought the outfield back up to five players, with no real candidate to play center. I looked at the math of the offense prior to his return, and we’ve had all sorts of fun talking about the outfield shuffle…

What If An Ump Taught Yasiel Puig How To Bat Flip?

What If An Ump Taught Yasiel Puig How To Bat Flip?

It’s hot where I am right now, really hot, so let me do something fun and silly and lightweight here. Who doesn’t love Yasiel Puig bat flips, right? Literally no one*.  Via Deadspin, it turns out that extends to MLB The Show, where if you “hold onto the ball on the mound and leave the game unpaused for…


Please Don’t Let Yasiel Puig Try To Play Through Injury

It probably goes without saying that Yasiel Puig has been the most valuable Dodger offensive performer this year. You could maybe argue for Dee Gordon‘s surprising performance, given the uncertainty around second base headed into the year and especially after what happened to Alex Guerrero, or maybe even A.J. Ellis, simply because of how little…

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A Glance At Dodgers Hitter Fly Ball Distance

Now that we’re a couple of months into the season, it’s worth looking into position player fly ball distance. This distance, available on baseballheatmaps, is the average distance of home runs and fly balls hit by a particular player. This information can be taken as general shorthand for power (hitting the ball further means more power), and…