Zack Greinke


On How Zack Greinke Got Away

Ken Rosenthal wrote a really interesting and thorough piece over the weekend about how the Diamondbacks landed Zack Greinke. The entire thing is worth a read because of how stunningly quick everything went. I mean… The D-backs, mind you, had not spoken to Greinke. They would not speak to him until after the deal was…


Diamondbacks to sign Zack Greinke to 6-year deal

In perhaps one of the most shocking free agent signings in recent memory, Zack Greinke is reportedly in agreement with the Arizona Diamondbacks on a deal, pending a physical. Greinke’s decision was expected by the end of the week, but every indication was he’d choose between the Dodgers and Giants. The Diamondbacks swooped in at…


The Dodgers Need To Re-Sign Zack Greinke

The Dodgers need to sign Zack Greinke. Yeah, it’s the hottest of fan reaction takes with David Price off the board. Yeah, it sort of reeks of overreaction and fear. Yeah, it’s also completely correct. Understandably, many fans are currently concerning themselves with quotes from the front office about the state of the Dodgers pursuit…


Anderson, Greinke, Kendrick All Get Qualifying Offers, Wisely

Howie Kendrick, Brett Anderson, and Zack Greinke have received qualifying offers of one year, $15.8 million from the Dodgers. Jimmy Rollins did not. Absolutely none of this is unexpected, because we’ve been talking about it for a while, and while there was some mild uncertainty over whether Anderson would receive an offer, I’m pleased he…


Dodgers Have Big Decisions To Make Today

I was going to write about the bullpen today, but that seems silly given that today is a pretty big day for decisions, and news could come out about them at any moment. (Not to mention that yesterday’s Brad Miller/Nate Karns/Logan Morrison/other guys trade between Seattle and Tampa Bay reminds us all that the offseason…


Zack Greinke Opts Out, Obviously

Remember the other day when Don Mattingly was hired to manage the Marlins and we all commented on how incredibly obvious that move was? I think we all knew it wasn’t even close to the most obvious move of the offseason. Zack Greinke opting out was. Now, it’s official: Zack Greinke has officially opted out….


The Dodgers Should Hand Out Three Qualifying Offers

Let’s talk about qualifying offers, the weird quirk introduced in the last CBA that almost certainly will be either eliminated or considerably changed in the next CBA. Intended to provide compensation for teams losing free agents, it’s instead put some lower-level free agents — think Kyle Lohse, Kendrys Morales, & Stephen Drew — in a…


Which Dodger Pitcher Is Leading The Cy Young Race?

Jackie Robinson‘s debut came way back in 1947, and that seems like as good a line as any to draw between “then” and “now.” Since then, there have been 5,362 qualified pitcher-seasons. Let’s rank the top 15 by ERA: 1.12 — Bob Gibson, 1968 1.53 — Dwight Gooden, 1985 1.56 — Greg Maddux, 1994 1.60…