Dodgers Payroll Tracker

A look at Los Angeles Dodger payroll commitments for the next three years. Players under team control are estimated at ~$500k for their pre-arbitration years unless noted otherwise. “Team control” is an estimate, as players who are up briefly may not be listed and receive a pro-rated salary based on service time. Arbitration eligibility can change based on how much MLB service time a player receives during a season.

Team Control$10.11mtbdtbdtbd
Buyout/option $3.50m
CY. Grandal5.5mArb 3FA
CA. Barnes0.54mminArb 1Arb 2
CK. Farmerminminminmin
1BC. BellingerminminminArb 1
1BA. Gonzalez22.36m22.36mFA10-5 rights
2BL. Forsythe7.0m1.0mFAClub option for '18 ($8.5m)
SSC. Seager0.575mminArb 1Arb 2
3BJ. Turner13.0m12.0m19.0m20.0m$1m bonus if traded
IF/OFE. Hernandez0.555mArb 1Arb 2Arb 3
IF/OFC. TaylorminminArb 1Arb 2
IF/OFR. SegedinminminminArb 1
IFC. Utley2.0mFACan earn up to $0.5m in PT incentives
IFC. Culberson0.55mArb 1Arb 2Arb 3
IFE. Arruebarrena5.5m6.5mFA
OFJ. Pederson0.555mArb 1Arb 2Arb 3
OFY. Puig8.21m9.21mArb 3FA
OFA. Ethier17.5m2.5m18: $17.50m club option
OFF. Guttierez$2.6mFA
OFC. Granderson$3.607mFAAcquired from NY Mets 8.18.17
OFA. Toles0.545mminminArb 1
A. Verdugominminminmin
OFT. ThompsonminminArb 1Arb 2
SPC. Kershaw35.6m35.6m34.6m35.6mHas opt-out after '18
SPH. Ryu7.83m7.83mFAHas opt-out after '17
SPB. McCarthy11.5m11.5m5.0mConditional club option for 2019 based DL time
SPS. Kazmir8.0m8.0m$8.0m$8.0m$8m annually deferred from 2019-21
SPR. Hill12.67m16.67m18.67mFA$2m signing bonus
SPK. Maeda3.12m3.12m3.12m3.12mCan earn up to $6.5m in annual bonuses
SPA. Wood2.8mArb 2Arb 3FA
SPY. Darvish3.727mFAAcquired from Texas 7.31.17
SPJ. Urias0.54mminminArb 1
SPB. Stewart0.5375mminminArb 1
SPF. Castillominminminmin
RPK. Jansen10.8m10.8m18.8m20.8mHas opt-out after '19
RPR. Stripling0.54mminArb 1Arb 2
RPG. Dayton0.54mminArb 1Arb 2
RPL. Avilan1.5mArb 3FA
RPJ. Fields1.05mArb 3Arb 4FA
RPP. Baez0.55mArb 1Arb 2Arb 3
RPY. Garcia0.555mArb 1Arb 2Arb 3
RPT. Watson1.897mFAAcquired from Pirates 7.31.17
RPT. Cingrani0.618mArb 2Arb 3 FAAcquired from Reds 7.31.17
RPA. LiberatoreminminArb 1Arb 2
RPJ. Ravin0.545mminArb 1Arb 2
RPB. Morrow1.25mFA
PE. ParedesminminminArb 1
PW. Fontminminminmin
PY. Sierra2.5m3.5m4.5m5.5m
NYMC. Granderson~$2.0m
ATLM. Kemp3.50m3.50m3.50mTo SD:$18m in '15, $3.5m '16-'19, $32m total
TBS. Romo1.76mTraded 7.22.17
CINS. Van Slyke0.876mTraded 7.31.17
OAKC. Hatcher1.25m
GoneC. Crawford21.86m
NPBA. Guerrero7.5m
GoneJ. Tabata0.25m
GoneD. Toscano1.6m1.8m0.2m$1.7m option for 2019
GoneH. Olivera4.67m4.67m4.67m4.67m