Dodgers Payroll Tracker

A look at Los Angeles Dodger payroll commitments for the next three years. Players under team control are estimated at ~$500k for their pre-arbitration years unless noted otherwise. “Team control” is an estimate, as players who are up briefly may not be listed and receive a pro-rated salary based on service time. Arbitration eligibility can change based on how much MLB service time a player receives during a season.

Team Control~$5m~$5m~$5m
Buyout $2.00m$3.00m
CA.J. Ellis3.55marb 3
CT. Federowicz~$500k~$500karb 1
CD. Butera$700karb 3
1BA. Gonzalez21.00m21.00m21.00m
2BA. Guerrero14.00m4.00m5.00m14: $10m s.bonus / $4m salary
2BD. Gordon~$515karb 1arb 2
SSH. Ramirez16.00m
SSE. Arruebarrena9.00m3.00m4.00m14: $7.5m s.bonus / $1.5m salary
3BJ. Uribe8.50m6.50m14: $2m s.bonus / $6.5m salary
LFC. Crawford20.25m20.5m20.75m
CFM. Kemp21.00m21.00m21.50m
RFA. Ethier15.50m18.00m18.00m
OFY. Puig2.00m4.50m5.50m
OFS. Van Slyke~$500k~$500k~$500k
OFM. Baxter$700karb 2arb 3
SPC. Kershaw22.00m30.00m32.00m14: $18m s.bonus / $4m salary
SPZ. Greinke29.00m23.00m24.00m14: $6m s.bonus / $23m salary
SPH. Ryu6.00m4.00m7.00m
SPC. Billingsley12.00m3.00m15: $14m club option
SPD. Haren10.00m15: $10m player option w 180 IP
SPJ. Beckett15.75m
SPP. Maholm1.50m
RPB. League7.50m9.50m16: $7.5-9m player option
RPB. Wilson10.00m15: $8.5m-$10m player option
RPJ.P. Howell7.00m4.00m14: $3m s.bonus / $4m salary
RPC. Perez2.30m
RPJ. Wright1.80m
RPS. Elbert$575karb 2arb 3
RPK. Jansen4.30marb 2arb 3
RPP. Rodriguez~$500k~$500karb 1
RPC. Withrow~$500k~$500k~$500k
M. Guerrier1.00m
J. Uribe1.00m
A. Jones3.37m
M. Ellis1.00m
C. Capuano1.00m
From Boston-$3.90m-$3.90m