2014 Dodgers In Review: RP J.P. Howell

G IP K% BB% ERA FIP xFIP WAR MLB 68 49.0 24.1% 12.6% 2.39 3.30 3.52 0.7 What Happened In 2014: No matter what the year-end numbers say, J.P. Howell held the bullpen together for the first half of 2014. With Kenley Jansen struggling through a string of bad luck, Howell was one of the…


Dodger Pitchers and the Low Strike Zone

The drop in offense in MLB is a wide topic of discussion. Across baseball, teams scored an average of 4.07 runs per game in 2014, the lowest level since 1981. While some don’t necessarily mind the decline (myself included), new commissioner Rob Manfred seems to be interested in increasing offense to make baseball appealing to…

Yoan Moncada U18

Why signing Yoan Moncada makes sense for the Dodgers

Some words have written about the Dodgers’ interest in Cuban phenom Yoan Moncada and the penalties associated with his signing. To me (and others), there is no question the Dodgers (and other teams, really) should not be concerned with blowing through their international spending limit. I don’t buy for one second the Dodgers are overly…


2014 Dodgers In Review: SP Josh Beckett

G IP K% BB% ERA FIP xFIP WAR MLB 20 115.2 22.5% 8.2% 2.88 4.33 3.73 0.2 What Happened In 2014:¬†Contributed, when nobody expected it. Entering the season, nobody expected much out of Josh Beckett. He ended 2013 with major surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome, removing a rib to relieve nerve pressure in his pitching…

Chris Anderson's heater is the best in the system. Photo by: Dustin Nosler

2015 Dodgers prospects: Best Tools

Folks who like prospects always point to the tools they possess, and the Dodgers have some toolsy players in the system. 2014 Best Tools Now, the winners (for lack of a better term) in the respective categories might not have the highest present or future grade from my Top 50 rankings (and there are some…