Are The Dodgers Really Going To Dump Payroll?

Recently, there was a report in the LA Times that the Dodger payroll would drop to $185m-$190m in 2015. Because the report was unsourced, based on factually-incorrect assertions, and came from a writer of ill repute, I ignored it, as I do with most of the words from that particular author. But then ESPN’s Mark…


The Dodgers Have a GM, Until They Don’t

So, a funny thing is happening. The Dodgers have a general manager, one Ned Colletti. And yet we keep hearing names about potential replacements, like Tampa Bay’s Andrew Friedman, Cleveland’s Mark Shapiro, Chicago’s Kenny Williams, Billy Eppler of the Yankees, the Dodgers’ own Logan White, former assistant GM Kim Ng, and so on. These are…


Russell Martin: Former Dodger, Future Dodger?

It’s now the offseason, so it’s time to talk about potential roster upgrades. The Dodgers have huge holes in the bullpen, some minor ones in the starting rotation, and of course, the left side of the infield. However, the biggest hole in last year’s lineup was catcher. It’s safe to say that A.J. Ellis had…


As The Ned Turns

So here’s a last-minute change of plan. I had a big post all written up on resetting the 40-man roster, outlining free agents, arbitration cases, etc., ¬†and that was to go up this morning. Now it’s not, and here’s why: All anyone wants to talk about right now is the job status of Ned Colletti,…


So Long, 2014

Man. Man. Baseball, right? Having slept on it, I’ve come to the conclusion that what happened was always going to happen. To expect Clayton Kershaw, on short rest, to seamlessly hand it off to Kenley Jansen, was probably unrealistic. To expect Jansen to get six outs — a thing he’s never done — was hardly…