Dodgers @ Cubs June 25, 2015: Day Baseball

A midweek early summer day game at Wrigley Field is probably the best thing in the world… if you’re there. Baseball, a brat, a beer in the sun, well, it’s just perfect. Dodgers Cubs 11:20 a.m. Chicago, Ill. CF Hernandez CF Denorfia SS Rollins 1B Rizzo 1B Turner 3B Bryant RF Van Slyke LF Coghlan…


Dodgers @ Cubs June 24, 2015: Empty Threat

This is what happens when everybody has busy jobs. At least the comments got a pun out of it. Dodgers: Hernandez 2B Pederson CF Turner 3B Gonzalez 1B Puig RF Ethier LF Grandal C Rollins SS Bolsinger P Cubs: Denorfia RF Rizzo 1B Bryant 3B Montero C Castro SS Coghlan LF Szczur CF Hendricks P…

Kyle Funkhouser

Dodgers 2015 MLB Draft signing update: 28 players signed

The Dodgers have made some headway on signing their draft picks. Let’s get the easy signings out of the way first. All the picks listed below have signed for $100,000 or less (like in the case of Kyle Garlick), meaning their bonuses don’t count toward the pool allotment of $7,781,700 (round selection in parenthesis). Post-10th-rounders…


Kenley Jansen Is Just The Best

Kenley Jansen hasn’t pitched in a while, and that’s disappointing. He’s thrown only 16 pitches since the start of last week, on June 18 in Texas, and that’s it.┬áThat’s because the Dodgers have either been losing or blowing out the Giants, and you know how Don Mattingly feels about using his closer in non-save situations….


Dodgers @ Cubs June 22, 2015: The Endless Bullpen

Sometimes, it’s pretty hard to keep track of who is even in the Dodgers bullpen, and that’s even with the invaluable contributions of “ABsmilebunch,” who maintains the bullpen chart you see at the bottom of every game thread. Dodgers Cubs 5:05 p.m. Chicago, Ill. RF Puig CF Fowler CF Pederson 1B Rizzo 3B Turner 3B…