Starting Pitcher Trade Targets, by Projections

The Dodgers need another starting pitcher. I know that, you know that, and Andrew Friedman (probably) knows that. Some of the big names (Hamels, Cueto) are obvious, but it might be interesting to look a bit deeper than that. One way to find potential under-the-radar trade targets is by projection systems. One way projection systems…


Dodgers 4, Cubs 0: House money lineup cashes in

Sorry about the headline. NotSorry about the Dodgers’ performance today, as they salvaged a split with the Cubs by getting two runs in the first inning and two in the second. That would be all Carlos Frias and the bullpen would need. Frias, somehow, threw five shutout innings, seeing as he gave up seven hits and…


Dodgers @ Cubs June 25, 2015: Day Baseball

A midweek early summer day game at Wrigley Field is probably the best thing in the world… if you’re there. Baseball, a brat, a beer in the sun, well, it’s just perfect. Dodgers Cubs 11:20 a.m. Chicago, Ill. CF Hernandez CF Denorfia SS Rollins 1B Rizzo 1B Turner 3B Bryant RF Van Slyke LF Coghlan…