What About The Next Joe Maddon?

The reaction to Andrew Friedman’s arrival in Los Angeles has been generally positive, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to see what one of the brightest young executives in baseball can do without the payroll restrictions he suffered in Tampa Bay? If there’s been any complaint that I’ve heard, it’s some minor grumbling about…

Twitter bird happy

Baseball Twitter reacts to Dodgers’ hiring of Andrew Friedman

Sit back and enjoy all the baseball tweets and #hottakes regarding the Dodgers’ hiring of former Rays’ general manager Andrew Friedman. Whoa. RT @TBTimes_Rays BREAKING: Andrew Friedman is leaving #Rays for #Dodgers. Matt Silverman will take over Rays baseball operations. — D.J. Short (@djshort) October 14, 2014 WHOAWHOA! RT @TBTimes_Rays BREAKING: Andrew Friedman is leaving…


Welcome To Town, Andrew Friedman

Here’s what you need to know about Andrew Friedman: He wrote a farewell letter to a Rays blog. Seriously. Here’s what else you need to know: Everything, probably. I’m guessing that most Dodger fans don’t know much about him other than “guy who made the Rays good without any payroll,” and while that’s not inaccurate,…


The End Of The Ned Colletti Era

Can you breathe yet? Can any of us? I’ve had a pretty good idea that Ned Colletti would be leaving the GM job for a few days, but I didn’t know until the announcement came out that Andrew Friedman would the one coming in. We’d heard the rumors, and dismissed them. Now, it’s real. But…


Are The Dodgers Really Going To Dump Payroll?

Recently, there was a report in the LA Times that the Dodger payroll would drop to $185m-$190m in 2015. Because the report was unsourced, based on factually-incorrect assertions, and came from a writer of ill repute, I ignored it, as I do with most of the words from that particular author. But then ESPN’s Mark…