A.J. Ellis Has Legs, Hit A Homer

You can file this under “things that are ultimately meaningless but nice to see anyway,” A.J. Ellis hit a homer against Milwaukee yesterday. In and of itself, that’s maybe not that memorable. Alex Guerrero hit a homer too. O’Koyea Dickson has two. Darnell Sweeney and Kyle Jensen also have dingers. Hitting homers in Arizona, well,…

Photo by: Dustin Nosler

What Can Statcast Teach Us About the Dodgers?

Sabermetrics, at their core, should always be changing. A few years ago we were using VORP, win shares, and the like. Most stats we used 10 years ago are gone or obsolete. A lot of the posts at Dodgers Digest will have obsolete statistical lingo down the road. We still have to use the best tools…


Andre Ethier Is Officially Untradeable

When camp kicked off last month, I noted, with some surprise, that Andre Ethier was still around. Shocking, wasn’t it? It feels like we’ve been talking about how the Dodgers seemed to be trying their hardest to trade Ethier for years. Or longer. And yet, there he was, still wearing Dodger blue, still talking about how…


Our Top Ten, On Your TV

Did you see today’s 6-4 Dodgers spring training loss to the White Sox? Probably not. I mean, it was on at noon on a Wednesday, and it was on SNLA, which few people actually get. So no, you didn’t see it. I didn’t see it. Thanks, day job. Some things happened, though. Joc Pederson got…