Dodgers 3, Padres 7: A Mess Of A Game

Tonight’s Dodgers game started off with a rain delay that pushed the start time back 20 minutes at first and then half an hour, which we knew about because everybody let us know about it. Once underway, the Dodgers were apparently still napping or something, as one non-error error by Carl Crawford that turned a…


Padres @ Dodgers April 6, 2015: Opening Day

The last time we saw the Dodgers in a game that mattered, Yasiel Puig was being inexplicably benched for Andre Ethier, and they were getting smacked out of the NLDS by the Cardinals, launching a million breathless “what happened to Clayton Kershaw?!?! columns.” Padres Dodgers 1:10 p.m. Los Angeles, Ca. CF Myers SS Rollins C…


Dodgers finalize 25-man roster for Opening Day

Too much is made about Opening Day rosters because injuries, performance and attrition will alter how the roster looks throughout the season. Sure, it’s disappointing when some guys don’t make the Opening Day roster, but it isn’t the end of the world. A significant number of players  — especially relief pitchers — will not finish the season…


Arsenal Analysis: Dodgers Best Pitches Of 2014

Fans are always analyzing which pitchers have the best and worst pitches, but we normally base that on nothing but our own feelings in the moment, so I decided to take a more objective look at things, just like I did last year. Better late than never. —– For a pitch to qualify for these…