Remembering Why The Matt Kemp Trade Made Sense

The Padres didn’t “win” the Matt Kemp trade when Kemp drove in three runs in Los Angeles on Opening Day. The Dodgers didn’t “win” the trade when Yasmani Grandal had his near-historic day in Milwaukee yesterday. We’re not going to know the true outcome for years; it’s more than possible that neither side wins, in…


Dodgers 8, Brewers 2: All Of The Homers

So that picture at the top of Jimmy Rollins, it wasn’t taken tonight in Milwaukee. It’s actually from a few days ago in San Diego. Rollins didn’t hit the biggest homer of the night — that’d be Justin Turner, who turned a 1-0 Milwaukee lead into a 3-1 Dodgers advantage with one swing off of…


Mailbag #25: Brady Aiken, hitting prospects, female umps, EA

This bag. There is mail in it. Send us MOAR using the submission form to the right, send emails directly to [email protected] or hit us up on Twitter. Powder Hound: If Brady Aiken was available to the dodgers at #25, would you take him, and do you think the dodgers would? Just for clarity’s sake, the Dodgers…