NLDS Roster Prediction, Version 2

At some point tomorrow, likely moments after Brim puts up what will surely be a well-researched and thought-provoking post on Dee Gordon, the Dodgers will announce their 25-man roster for the NLDS. (Although who knows, the Cardinals took the unusual step of doing so today, perhaps because they had to travel and omissions would have…


Better Know An NLDS Opponent: Cardinals Pitching

When Mike covered the Cardinals offense yesterday, he stole all my snark points about the team, but he did leave out references to Adrian Gonzalez and Mickey Mouse or Yasiel Puig and probably the best celebration-while-still-running-for-a-triple we’ll ever see. And so as we review the Cardinals pitching staff, let’s just hope that we’ll be able…


National League Wild Card: Giants @ Pirates

How in the world do you top that? Giants Pirates 5:00 p.m. Pittsburgh, Pa. CF Blanco 3B Harrison 2B Panik SS Mercer C Posey CF McCutchen 3B Sandoval C Martin RF Pence LF Marte 1B Belt 3B Walker SS Crawford 1B Sanchez LF Ishikawa RF Snider P Bumgarner (L) P Volquez (R) “That,” of course,…


Better Know An NLDS Opponent: Cardinals Offense

I think maybe I speak for a lot of us when I say that while I’m thrilled to have the Dodgers back in the playoffs, I’m not particularly excited to face the Cardinals again. There’s no shortage of reasons for that, really. There’s the endless “Best Fans in Baseball” business, to the point that even…


American League Wild Card: A’s @ Royals

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Dodgers. It does not matter. There’s one baseball game on tonight. Everyone will be watching it. You will be, too, so here’s a place to talk about it. A’s Royals 5:00 p.m. Kansas City, Mo. CF Crisp SS Escobar LF Fuld RF Aoki 3B Donaldson CF Cain…