Dodgers 8, Brewers 2: All Of The Homers

So that picture at the top of Jimmy Rollins, it wasn’t taken tonight in Milwaukee. It’s actually from a few days ago in San Diego. Rollins didn’t hit the biggest homer of the night — that’d be Justin Turner, who turned a 1-0 Milwaukee lead into a 3-1 Dodgers advantage with one swing off of…


Mailbag #25: Brady Aiken, hitting prospects, female umps, EA

This bag. There is mail in it. Send us MOAR using the submission form to the right, send emails directly to [email protected] or hit us up on Twitter. Powder Hound: If Brady Aiken was available to the dodgers at #25, would you take him, and do you think the dodgers would? Just for clarity’s sake, the Dodgers…