So, About Clayton Kershaw And Tipping Pitches…

In the aftermath of last night’s disaster, the big question is: Did Clayton Kershaw tip his pitches? Harold Reynolds says yes, but my cat says no,┬áso that sort of cancels each other out. Former pitcher Danny Graves, working for something called 120 Sports, claims that Kershaw was, and he can show you why. You can…


Elbert, Frias Make Dodgers NLDS Roster

It wouldn’t be the Dodgers if they didn’t inexplicably drag out the playoff roster until the last possible second — last year, it took more than 30 minutes after the deadline for the roster to come out — but finally, we have it. Your 25-man roster to face the Cardinals in the NLDS is… Hitters…


The History of Dee Gordon Versus Yadier Molina

The day has arrived. Rather than stress out about the game too early, let’s have some fun with another preview. One of the smaller, but more interesting battles during the NLDS will be that between Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina behind the plate and Dee Gordon on the bases. We all saw the kind of difference…


NLDS Roster Prediction, Version 2

At some point tomorrow, likely moments after Brim puts up what will surely be a well-researched and thought-provoking post on Dee Gordon, the Dodgers will announce their 25-man roster for the NLDS. (Although who knows, the Cardinals took the unusual step of doing so today, perhaps because they had to travel and omissions would have…


Better Know An NLDS Opponent: Cardinals Pitching

When Mike covered the Cardinals offense yesterday, he stole all my snark points about the team, but he did leave out references to Adrian Gonzalez and Mickey Mouse or Yasiel Puig and probably the best celebration-while-still-running-for-a-triple we’ll ever see. And so as we review the Cardinals pitching staff, let’s just hope that we’ll be able…