Cy Brown

Why Everyone Loves Nori

The Royals beat the Angels in Game 1 of the ALDS thanks to a Mike Moustakas homer, but the eventual winner may not have been possible if it hadn't been for the stellar defensive play of right fielder Nori Aoki. You may have just caught on to him, but Aoki's been at it for years. More»
Will Leitch

What's Your Favorite Big Ten Stadium?

Continuing our quest to find the most beloved college football venue in the nation, we look at all of the Big Ten stadiums this week. From Michigan to Ohio to Penn State, there are some gorgeous views out there. Vote for your favorite. More»
Joe DeLessio

Derek Jeter: Media Maven

On Wednesday, Derek Jeter unveiled his latest post-retirement venture: a website called The Players' Tribune, intended to allow athletes to communicate with fans without the "filter" (his word) of traditional media outlets. It may be foreign to him that those same outlets have the knives out. More»
Will Leitch

Cards Fans: Enjoy It While It Lasts

It's easy to for some fans to hate on the Cardinals because of their recent postseason success. But that kind of run is rare, so don't blame St. Louis fans for enjoying the fun while it lasts, because another playoff drought will surely come soon. More»
Matt Brown

Oregon Loses Its Grip

A ridiculous celebration penalty may have led to Arizona's winning touchdown on Thursday night, but it doesn't get the blame for the downfall of No. 2 Oregon. The Ducks' last two games show that their problems run a bit deeper. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Dodgers Postseason Moments

Since the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958, they've had plenty of great October memories, including Sandy Koufax shutting down the Yankees, Kirk Gibson pumping his fists and a surprising present day hero. More»
Matt Brown

College Football Pick 'Em: Week 6

After a weak slate of games, the the college football season kicks into high gear with great matchups in the SEC and beyond. October is when the national picture starts taking shape, and Saturday is a perfect time for contenders to separate themselves. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Buck Seizes The Moment

Buck Showalter proved that managing at this level and on this postseason stage is about the moment, not the map during Game 1 of the ALDS. Instead of getting cute when they had leads in the sixth, seventh and eighth, he went with his top closers early to ensure a victory. More»
Will Leitch

Top Five Cards Postseason Moments

The Cardinals have won 11 World Series, second in baseball behind the Yankees, and they've also reached the playoffs five of the last six years and 11 of the last 15. All of this obviously leaves plenty of eternal moments to choose from. Here are five. More»
Ross Tucker

Patriots' Stars Keep Struggling

The Patriots' No. 1 problem right now is the underperformance of their key players. Sure, Tom Brady had a terrible Monday, but Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork struggled almost as badly against the Chiefs. If their stars can't pick themselves up, they might be in for another long night on Sunday. More»
Sheil Kapadia

Cowboys Find Power in O-Line

The Cowboys are running the ball a lot, which has nothing to do with old-school football beliefs that frown upon teams that pass a lot. Instead, it's about Dallas playing to their strengths. And the biggest strength is an offensive line that is one of the best in the NFL. More»
Richard Justice

Mattingly Always True To The Team

Going back to his playing days, Don Mattingly has always put the team first. That mentality has served him well managing a team with a lot of superstars, and it's why Mattingly is well suited to lead the Dodgers to their first World Series title since 1988. More»
Andrew Garda

The Trouble With Shady

Prior to this season, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was claiming he was the best back in the NFL. But he is barely in the Top 50 so far this year. It's not all his fault, though. Here's a close look at what's gone wrong. More»
Will Leitch

Royals Still Playing Like It's 1985

A lot has changed in the way we play (and analyze) baseball since the Royals last won the World Series in 1985. However, they don't seem to realize that, and instead have a created a team that would have fit in well 30 years ago. More»
Richard Justice

One Giants Leap

The San Francisco Giants have won seven straight elimination games over their last two postseason appearances, the last of which came from a dominant nine-inning outing from Madison Bumgarner on Wednesday. This resiliency could push them even further into October. More»
Matt Brown

The Egg Bowl Starts Now

Long overshadowed by their neighbors in the SEC, Ole Miss and Mississippi State are trying to steal the spotlight for themselves. If they pass their tests against Alabama and Texas A&M on Saturday, their rivalry could become bigger than ever. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Tigers Postseason Moments

Mickey Lolich outpitching Bob Gibson, Kirk Gibson homering in '84, Magglio and Verlander are just some of the transcendent moments Tigers fans have enjoyed in October. Let's take a trip down memory lane More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Orioles Postseason Moments

The Orioles have a rich playoff tradition, and were a World Series fixture for much of the 1960s and 1970s. They had another run of success in the late 1990s, and have now made the playoffs two times in the last three seasons. Here's a look at their top five postseason moments. More»
Anthony Castrovince

8 players who will decide October

In the MLB postseason, there are the obvious attractions. It goes without saying that Mike Trout is important to the Angels and Clayton Kershaw is important to the Dodgers. But sometimes it's the not-so-obvious players that end up making the difference. More»
Brian Burke

Man vs. Machine: NFL Week 5 Picks

Now that the season is four weeks old, the "Machine" is purely using data from this year. It doesn't know that the Patriots have dominated the AFC East for the past decade; it only knows that they're putting up terrible numbers. With this in mind here are our NFL Week 5 picks. More»
Richard Justice

Back to the Drawing Board

Based on what Billy Beane knew on July 31, Yoenis Cespedes-for-Jon Lester made sense. It was a huge risk because it removed a power bat from a lineup that needed it. But Beane had legitimate concerns about the workload of his starting pitchers. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

"We Need To Talk" Off To Solid Start

The CBS Sports Network all-female sports talk show "We Need to Talk" debuted on Tuesday to much skepticism -- but there's more reason for excitement than eye-rolls. It managed to pack more substance into 44 minutes of studio time than similar shows do in a month. More»
Will Leitch

Oakland's Perennial Pain

There is nothing in baseball more painful than losing a series' decisive game and falling just short -- and the A's have now done that seven times in the last 15 seasons. It's hard not to empathize with their passionate, heartbroken fans. More»
Phil Rogers

Blue October Is Here

In a hard-fought, extra-inning Wild Card thriller against the A's, the Royals won their first postseason game since 1985 thanks to speed, persistence and contributions from guys up and down the roster. And, yes, bunting. Lots and lots of bunting. More»
Matt Brown

Blast From The Past

The past decade has been frustrating for Nebraska, but a bright spot has emerged. Already one of Nebraska's most accomplished runners, Ameer Abdullah is taking his game to new heights in trying to recapture past glory in the Cornhuskers' backfield. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Postseason Urgency Rankings

They all want it. But who needs it? Because the future is so uncertain for everybody, a MLB postseason opportunity is precious. But some futures are more uncertain than others, so let's try to rank the six division winners along those lines. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Five NFL Teams that Need a reboot

In television, starting over is becoming the norm for success, just look at American Horror Story and True Detective. Maybe it's time for some NFL teams to follow suit. The Patriots certainly looked desperate for a change on Sunday. More»
Michael Pina

The Nuggets Need a Plan

Right now the Denver Nuggets are wearily adrift at sea and have no rudder. Judging from their current roster, cap sheet and most recent offseason, Denver's short and long-term plans are a total mystery. This needs to change fast if they want to compete in 2014-15 and beyond. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Giants Postseason Moments

The Giants moved to the Bay Area over 50 years ago, but they haven't tasted World Series glory until recently. Here are some of the highlights, past and present, from San Francisco's most dramatic Octobers. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Pirates Postseason Moments

The Pirates had a 21-year postseason drought, but they are trying to make up for lost time now. But before we look ahead to the 2014 NL Wild Card game, let's revisit the top five postseason moments in Pirates history. More»
Richard Justice

Memories of Fall

In baseball's next month, there'll be more memories, more amazing plays. There'll be stars born, careers validated. Just when you think nothing can top all the things you've seen before, something else does. Here are some of the best moments I've witnessed from postseasons past. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

The Raiders' Mess Isn't Allen's Fault

To pin the Raiders' failings on the recently fired head coach Dennis Allen is to misunderstand the true catalyst behind their futility. Oakland's main issues are rooted in the team's debilitating leadership structure over the past decade from the late Al Davis and his son Mark. More»
Will Leitch

KC's Baseball Writing Royalty

While the Royals were in the midst of their 29-year playoff drought, some of their biggest fans were producing some of the most savvy baseball writing on the Internet. In the process they helped generate a unique secondary following for KC. More»
Matt Brown

The Power of the SEC West

The SEC West might have a problem on its hands: It may be too good for a playoff system that will continue to reward undefeated and one-loss seasons. Fortunately, the usual suspects should rise to the top. Here's how the SEC may shake out. More»
Phil Rogers

Kansas City Is Ready to Rock

The Chiefs grabbed a dominant 41-14 victory over the Patriots on Monday, and the Royals will play in their first postseason game since 1985 on Tuesday. Could life get any better for Kansas City fans? Well, a Wild Card win would certainly be nice. More»

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