Winter Leagues Update #4: Brief End Of Winter Recap

This will be the last update of the off-season, simply because all the leagues finished up their regular seasons by January except for the Australian Baseball League, which just ended the other day. Stats Through 1/25 —– But first … FIGHT! Probably the most relevant thing to happen in the ABL. —– Australian Baseball League…


Ben Rowen and the Unprecedented

Here we are, talking about a pitcher picked up on a minor league deal again. Ben Rowen has sparked some interest since it was announced that the Dodgers picked him up on a minor league deal. Rowen tops out in the lower 80s and has only two pitches, but he does this: That’s Mike Trout,…


2014 Dodgers In Review: SP Hyun-Jin Ryu

G IP K% BB% ERA FIP xFIP WAR MLB 26 152.0 22.0% 4.6% 3.38 2.62 3.03 3.5 What Happened In 2014: Hyun-jin Ryu‘s second major league season was an improvement upon on his first in nearly every single way. We don’t talk about Ryu enough. We just don’t. He’s not the best pitcher in his…

Justin Chigbogu has a ton of power potential, but also a lot of swing-and-miss. Photo by: Dustin Nosler

2015 Dodgers Top 100 prospects: 40-31

The prospects are becoming a little more … prospecty. Here are the players I ranked in the 40-31 range in the Dodgers’ system. The ETAs are getting better, as is the quality of the player. Previous entries in the series: Introduction 100-76 75-51 50-41 Editor’s note: I am not a scout (#notascout). I am an…


2014 Dodgers In Review: RP Jose Dominguez

G IP K% BB% ERA FIP xFIP WAR MiLB (AAA) 31 33.1 25.8% 11.9% 3.24 3.73 n/a n/a MLB 5 6.1 26.7% 10.0% 11.37 6.61 4.06 -0.1 What happened in 2014: Went to Australia, struggled in limited time, stayed in Triple-A most of the season. As a once-promising relief prospect, Jose Dominguez has struggled to stay…

Kyle Farmer's bat is lagging behind his defense. Photo by: Dustin Nosler

2015 Dodgers Top 100 prospects: 50-41

Now, it’s going to get good. We’re into the Top 50 of my 2015 Dodgers’ Top 100 prospects series. The names are getting more familiar, and the talent level is getting better. Previous entries in the series: Introduction 100-76 75-51 Editor’s note: I am not a scout (#notascout). I am an amateur when it comes…


How Old Is Too Old For the Dodgers Infield?

ESPN’s Buster Olney has recently been ranking his annual Top 10s — rotations, defense, outfields, etc. — and unsurprisingly, the Dodgers fared pretty well. Far more surprisingly, they showed up as the No. 2 overall infield. I guess it felt unexpected because there’s no true superstar in this group — there’s no Jose Abreu or…

Brandon Dixon is entering a make-or-break season. Photo by: Dustin Nosler

2015 Dodgers Top 100 Prospects: No. 75-51

Here is the second set of rankings in my Top 100 prospect series. The names are getting a little more recognizable, but there are still some “who?” guys in there. Previous entries in the series: Introduction 100-76 If I had to choose a player I’m most excited about on this portion of the list, I’d go with…