The Recent History Of Dodger Post-Clinch Lineups

One thing I’m looking forward today is seeing who the Dodgers bring out for their post-clinch party lineup. It’s a good time to get the regulars some extra rest and get some experience for the younger players. The Dodgers are almost guaranteed to be the second seed at this point, so they’re not really playing…


A Week Of Sitting And Waiting

I know there’s Dodger baseball tonight, and tomorrow, and the next day. But is there, really? Don’t get me wrong: I’m thrilled that the Dodgers have locked the division up early enough that this three-game set against a wretched Colorado team doesn’t have to mean anything. That’s wonderful. That’s outstanding. That’s how you want it…


The Eight Billionth Way Clayton Kershaw Is Awesome

Kudos, really, to the schedule-maker today. There’s no game tonight, and I’m pretty happy about that. It’s a perfect break before what should be a celebratory three-game series against the Rockies, meaningful for absolutely nothing other than getting a few swings, a few cheers and a few laughs. The playoff roster doesn’t need to be…