Mariners @ Dodgers April 15, 2015: Civil Rights Game

After last night’s rotation detour, the Dodgers return to their regularly scheduled programming tonight. Brett Anderson will make his second healthy start in a row. It’s amazing/troubling to think that each Anderson start could realistically represent 10% of what the Dodgers can expect from him in a season. He looked okay last time out, though…


Dodgers’ lineup depth shows early in the season

When the Dodgers didn’t re-sign Hanley Ramirez and traded Matt Kemp, some wondered where the offense was going to come from. After eight games (#sss), the offense is plenty healthy. Ramirez (150 wRC+) and Kemp (176 wRC+) are off to fantastic starts with their new clubs, but so are some of the new Dodgers, contributing…


Dodgers 6, Mariners 5: Thank you, Howie Kendrick

The last time Fernando Rodney pitched in Dodger Stadium, it was one of the more amazing Dodger comebacks I have ever witnessed. David Price was staked to a 6-0 lead and gave up one run in seven innings. Tonight’s Dodger comeback — they won 6-5, by the way — wasn’t nearly as dramatic, but Rodney…

Photo by: Dustin Nosler

So How About That Dodger Bullpen

It’s been a week of the new and… well, new Dodger bullpen, and so far, the returns haven’t been generating a ton of confidence. The second game of the season featured Chris Hatcher starting an inning that resulted in three runs. Yesterday featured Chris Hatcher entering an inning that resulted in four runs. Pretty much…