Dodgers 8, Braves 4: Four In A Row

The Dodgers haven’t won four games in a row all season, and their past seven attempts have all been thwarted. Thus, the only logical conclusion was that they were cursed forever. By some miracle though, the Dodgers managed to beat the Braves today, 8-4, making it four in a row and meaning hell has frozen…


48 Hours Until The Trade Deadline

We’re just under 48 hours until the trade deadline, and the Dodgers are going to get Jon Lester, David Price, Cole Hamels, John Lackey, Jonathan Papelbon, Cliff Lee, Andrew Miller, Koji Uehara, Joaquin Benoit, Ben Zobrist, and Bartolo Colon in exchange for Matt Kemp, Corey Seager, Julio Urias, Joc Pederson, Carl Crawford‘s health insurance bills,…


Matt Kemp’s Offense Is Not The Problem

There is no player more polarizing on the Dodgers than Matt Kemp. Recently, as Kemp trade rumors have (predictably) started to get louder, there have been a large variety of reactions. There’s one thing that comes up frequently in our comment section, on twitter, and around the internet which I want to address, though. You…

Such grit! (via)

Dodgers Acquire Darwin Barney, Because Defense

I heard a rumor that the Dodgers might go after Darwin Barney over the weekend, but gave it literally almost no thought whatsoever, because I was on vacation, and screw it, it’s just Darwin Barney. Then David Vassegh mentioned earlier today that the interest might be real, and now, apparently, it is: Barney is reportedly…


Dodgers 4, Giants 3: Sweep Mode, Activate

On Friday, before the Giants series got started, I wrote up a little preview, and ended on this: That’s not to underestimate the Giants; far from it. They have won two championships since 2010, obviously, and they remain a tough team. I’m just not all that worried about games that happened with different players back…