Dodgers @ Reds August 26, 2015: More Of The Same

Joc Pederson is out of the lineup again as Enrique Hernandez starts in center field, though that should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. As we discussed yesterday, Cincinnati throwing back-to-back lefties (David Holmberg tonight) made that a near-inevitability. Is it a benching, or a platoon? I’ll say the former if Pederson isn’t…

Alex Wood screencap

Dodgers 5, Reds 1: A win? What’s this?

The Dodgers snapped a season-worst 5-game losing streak comfortably by a 5-1 score in Cincinnati on Tuesday night, but the game wasn’t without some manufactured drama. More on that shortly. First, the Dodgers scored five runs. It was the first time since Aug. 15 they had accomplished such a feat. They did so on the…