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When will then be now? (via Mr. Littlehand)
When will then be now? (via Mr. Littlehand)

Frankly, I’m shocked. Since Chad and Dustin and Daniel and myself all announced on Friday that we’d be shutting down our respective sites in order to join forces in something of a Voltron of sites starting today, I thought for sure something huge would happen over the weekend while we were dark. Masahiro Tanaka would sign. Andre Ethier would get traded to Cincinnati in order to get Skip Schumaker back. Kenley Jansen would announce he was going back to catching. Michael Young would sign for seven years and $216 million. Something, anything, that would mean we’d miss the opportunity to comment on it.

But no: nothing, and that’s a good thing, because we now have more opinions than we know what to do with. After years of all going at this on our own, I’m pretty excited to kick off what should hopefully be a fruitful pairing between the four of us. That means more content, and more varied content. It means that we can do things like have Dustin and Chad’s prospect expertise, which we’ll kick off either later today or tomorrow morning, and have Daniel try to figure out what Tanaka’s Japanese performance really looked like, and look at spring training, and do point/counterpoint pieces, all while not having to worry about whose internet provider is awful (mine) or who is missing news while asleep (also me, but also Chad).

So hang out with us. Join the comments. Check out the depth chart or the payroll ($251.5m, not even counting Jansen or A.J. Ellis) or the twitter database. Ask a question via the form on the sidebar for a semi-regular mailbag feature. Thank our pal Eephus for the logo work. Huddle together for warmth as we await Young’s inevitable arrival. It’s a work in progress, but it should be fun… and spring training is less than a month away.

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